The Freezing, not the Big Bang as the origin of Universe

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A group of theoretical physicists has proposed an alternative explanation for the origin of the universe . Instead of understanding the Big Bangand the expansion of a power infinitely dense point, suggest that the beginning of space and time could be due to a phase change. As when water becomes ice .

“The philosophers of ancient Greece were wondering what he was made the subject: Was it a continuous or consisted of elementary particles and indivisible ? “explains James Quach, project leader. “With powerful microscopes, we know consists of atoms . ” Similarly, he says,Einstein proposed that space and time were continuous and flowing smoothly. His group and he believed that this might not be true at very small scales .

“A new theory, called Quantum Graphity , suggests that space could also be formed by small indivisible blocks as small atoms, “says Quach.The problem would be that these fundamental building blocks of the universe would be too small to be detectable.

But for something to be science is necessary to be able to test . The refutation is the basic tool of the scientific method, so the hypothesis for which you can not make predictions or experiments or remain in a mere curiosities. This is not the case. If you can not see the building blocks,how is confirmed or rejected? Looking cracks.

Cracks in the “universe”

“Imagine the universe like a liquid . When cooled, it crystallizes in the three spatial dimensions and the temporal seen today.Theorized in this way, as the universe cools one expects to find some cracks and fissures, like those formed when water passes into ice, “says Quach. His team hopes that these defects can be detected itself.

“The light and other particles should bend its trajectory or even reflected in these fissures, and therefore, in theory we should be able to detect these effects , “he concluded.

This new hypothesis on the origin of the universe has been published in the journal Physical Review D , dedicated to particles, fields, gravitation and cosmology.

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