The five reasons for buying and not buying iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 / iPhone again , no matter its name. We are talking about a device that could revolutionize the mobile sector or remain as a mere update of previous iPhone 4S pass unnoticed.

The market expects a lot from the terminal and is in the hands of Apple that is what customers demand or not. The pull of the Cupertino media as well as the large number of followers of the brand portend another best seller, but … would you buy iPhone 5?

We are five reasons why we would buy another iPhone 5 and also 5 reasons why not. In your hands is the ponder these points according to your tastes and needs to analyze whether it is a good buy according to your particular case.

Why buy iPhone 5?

  • Terminal to the latest in technology (performance, camera and technologies) with iOS 6 and ensured support software updates at least two years.
  • High screen , 4 inches, the perfect size differentiates a great brick of a mobile phone.
  • Connectivity LTE , while in Spain it is not a point to be taken into account, two years from now if we will see this extended connectivity in large cities.
  • Excellent selection of applications via App Store, the most complete on the market.
  • For easy integration with Mac and Windows systems via iTunes.

Why not buy iPhone 5?

  • Apple will not offer the ability to change the battery or have several to use on long trips, etc..You have to have external battery and empower internal use inevitably wane.
  • We will need a special cable for charging and data out of it, or microUSB dock cords traditional checkout will have to pay for the new cables or adapters (10 €). And all this despite the fact thatApple signed an agreement to join the standard microUSB .
  • MicroSD MicroSD or not. It is an open secret that Apple will continue to offer his ground only internal storage + iCloud.
  • Price, of course. Terminal is an elitist and expensive – even subsidized -. Look where you look at all the terminals are expensive iPhone, viewing the list of components and subsequently checked other large profit margins involved pay the apple.
  • App Store has many applications, but most are extra. In Android’s ecosystem is much richer apps even with fewer total apps, existing-free versions with ads-of most.

You can use the comments to share with us the reasons that would encourage you to purchase the terminal or you back away. What do you think? .

Besides leaving you record some of the pros and cons of Apple’s next terminal encourage you to participate in the contest we organized in which we discussed what the final name of the smartphone that Apple will present on September 12, this Wednesday. IPhone 5? / New iPhone? There are gifts to be raffled among the participants and supporters of the keynote, as the retransmiremos live .

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