The first color picture of Mars sent by Curiosity

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A few hours after arriving on Mars, the robot Curiosity has transmitted the first color image of its environment while a craft brother in orbit photographing the various waste left by the rover during its perilous descent, scientists announced Tuesday. The image transmitted by Curiosity shows the north wall and the crater rim of Gale, the gear-powered nuclear landed Sunday, August 5 at night after a tripinto space more than eight months .

The photo shows that one of the main instruments of the rover, a camera-camera named March Hand Lens Imager (Mahli) attached to the end of his mechanical arm is in good working order. Designed to take sharp images and enlarged rocks and other objects Mars, as well as landscapes, the camera stays for now stored inside of Curiosity. But, once it is fully operational, scientists can the use to fix fine detail with a resolution that can go up to 13.9 microns per pixel.

Ground strewn with REBUS EQUIPMENT

Curiosity’s first mission is to find evidence that the planet closest to Earth is home, or hosted, the key ingredients necessary for the evolution of microbial life. Before that, the mission controllers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in California intend to undergo the rover and its instruments to various tests and checks for several weeks before the actual scientific exploration can begin .

In the aftermath of the “amarsissage”, the craft into orbit around the Red Planet flew over the scene at 300 km altitude and showed scientists a floor littered with junk of all equipment used for positioning on the crater of Curiosity Gale.



Image from the orbiting object, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Tuesday, Aug. 7.



An image transmitted by the craft in orbit, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter , shows the heat shield in a region dotted with small craters while Curiosity is surrounded by rolling hills and fewer craters. North, a third type of terrain is dotted with mounds and holes.

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