The FBI shut down more than 300,000 computers infected by DNS Changer

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This Monday is expected to permanently disconnect servers FBI controlled the operation of DNS Changer control virus, bringing hundreds of thousands of computers infected by the virus could no longer have access to the Internet.

For this reason, IT security firm Sophos Data Protection and explained the main steps to keep the connection.

DNS Changer has the ability to change the DNS settings (which translates Internet addresses into a language understood by the servers and, therefore, absolutely necessary to make a connection to the Internet) by an illegitimate with which you can redirect to other sites undesirable.

In November 2011, the FBI took control of the false DNS servers were being used by cybercriminals. These servers reoriented computers infected with malware DNS Changer to a variety of scams designed to get money.

The FBI took immediate steps to DNS servers harmless, but remained online and means that 350,000 computers are being used to connect to the Internet. On Monday, July 9, the servers shut down permanently, which means that computers that still use false DNS servers will no longer be able to connect to the Internet.

In this regard, Paul Teijeira, Sales Manager Iberia Sophos, said: “The easiest way to check if a computer is contaminated is to use an updated antivirus to, if infected, proceed to remove the Trojan. After that, We recommend checking the computer’s DNS, as though a computer is not infected is possible that the DNS itself has been corrupted.

You do this manually verified that is not on the list published by the FBI, and if so, change it by providing the ISP for each user. Finally, when using router, you must also make a check of it. “

Tejeira explains these steps, point by point, on his blog. For example, an entry explains what the corrupt DNS, as published by the FBI, and how to check them.

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