The famous iPhone hacker Jailbreak no longer works at Apple

In summer 2011 the community Jailbreak suffered a major loss when the hacker Comex signed to work at Apple . 

This young man of only 20 years old, whose real name is Nicholas Allegra , is recognized by many as the best Jailbreak hacker , and it is not surprising seeing their accomplishments. He was the first who managed to create a web tool to apply to Jailbreak iPhone called JailbreakMe , with her users could do the unlocking process simply visiting a website, so easy. He was also the only one who could beat defenses iPad 2 months after it goes on sale, and at that time Comex worked alone , demonstrating that its resolving power is amazing. Yet it was not unusual for Apple chooses to hire him to work on the security of its mobile operating system, the platform iOS .

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After a year of collaboration, last Thursday Comex announced on his account of Twitter that his contract with Apple was over pretty ridiculous for a reason. Allegra forgot to reply to e-mail in which he was asked if he wanted to continue working with the company. The popular hacker was in disagreement with this decision was the result of an oversight, an oversight than for Cupertino was sufficient to terminate his contract. Moreover also used to say that “anyone who thinks that I sold for cash does not know what he’s talking about” . Last year many fans Jailbreak did not take the news of the new work of Apple with much enthusiasm, in fact many times he has been branded a traitor when all they did was take advantage of a very good job.

Jailbreak community soon showed their enthusiasm, since the end of the relationship betweenComex and Apple could indicate that it will actively work to create a Jailbreak . Currently there is considerable interest in the Jailbreak for iOS 6 because no one has managed to break the defenses of this new version. Apple has greatly increased the security of its platform and Comex could be one of those responsible for putting things harder for hackers , he devoted himself to it for years and he knows all the ins and outs. With Apple Comex outside, the scene Jailbreak could recover one of her most recognized talent.

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Nicholas Allegra has granted a brief interview to Forbes in which he comments that the end of the relationship with Apple has not been very good but I could not do anything to fix it. Of course you will be asked about their intentions to return to work in Jailbreak, their response has been that there are no plans in their plans. At this point you should pay attention to the reasons for this refusal may be that the very Allegra or do not want to be some clause in his contract with Apple that prevents re-engage in the Jailbreak, actually said that probably do that goes against the agreement signed last year. In any case there is the possibility that some tracks Comex other hackers who are working on the Jailbreakfor iOS 6 and helps a little in the process.

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