The Facebook and Twitter apps come to Google Glass

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The applications of social networks Facebook and Twitter are coming to Google Glass, augmented reality glasses Internet giant.

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google on Thursday announced a half dozen applications specially designed to work on your Google Glasses. CNN, the fashion magazine Elle and as Tumblr and Evernote applications were among the half dozen new applications for Google Glass, presented at the annual developer conference in San Francisco Google.

Google Glass has an electronic screen the size of a seal mounted on the left side of the eyeglass frames that can record video, send and receive emails or access the web pages. The Mountain View company began distributing the first devices last month for a limited number of developers, but so far has not disclosed when it will be available end-user version nor what will be its price.

This futuristic looking device has been a common theme at the conference Google I / O held this week, with many attendees and workers using Google Glass. However, Google executives gave little prominence to the keynote Glass for over three hours on Wednesday, just mentioning that Google Glass is among the new products and services mentioned on stage.

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