The EU funds R & D projects with 2,000 million

It is the largest amount ever awarded in Europe never to fund two research projects. The European Commission has broken the bank of R & D with the grant of two billion euros, thousand per head, to rebuild the one hand, the human brain and, second, make graphene, a revolutionary material, laboratories to incorporate the industry with its many applications. They are the two winners of the contest initiatives Future and Emerging Technologies, with which Europe is maintained as “knowledge superpower”, as underlined yesterday the Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes. In Spain, two projects have a duration of ten years, will be led by the CSIC, although it will involve several universities.


The material prodigious

Graphene, a material based on carbon prodigious, has an extraordinary combination of physical and chemical properties.It is the finest material, conduct electricity better than copper, is between 100 and 300 times stronger than steel and meets the unique optical properties. According Francisco Guinea, CSIC researcher and one of the coordinators of the project Spanish block Graphene, their applications will not wait. “Soon, he says graphene will touch screens, and will be cheaper than today.” It will be a key material in supercomputing and information technologies and communication, but will also bring revolutionary medical applications such as artificial retinas, and major advances in energy and transport.

The second initiative, the Human Brain Project, aims to bring together all existing knowledge about the human brain to reconstruct it, know how it works and, ultimately, develop a personalized treatment and related neurological diseases.“When decipher how it works, we can develop new treatments for diseases that affect the brain and have innovative neuroscience and computer technologies,” explains Javier de Felipe, Cajal Institute of CSIC and lead the project in Spain.

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