The EC formally accuses Microsoft of not offering choice of browser

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  • The EC found that Microsoft did not bid a screen with a choice of browser in Service Pack 1 version of Windows operating system.
  • They accuse the company of violating its 2009 commitment to provide its customers the opportunity to choose a different Internet browser to your Explorer.
  • If it is established, the Commission could impose a fine on Microsoft for a value of up to 10% of its total annual turnover.
The European Commission (EC) announced by sending a statement of objections to the software giant Microsoft in which he is accused of violating its 2009 commitment to provide its customers the opportunity to choose a browser other than Internet Explorer to its. The EU executive felt that the company did not bid a screen with a choice of browser in its Service Pack 1 operating system Windows , marketed since February 2011, although it had promised to do so. The EC will make a final decision Once all parties have exercised their right to defense. The EC recalled that the sending of the statement of objections “does not prejudge the final outcome of the investigation,” according to its press release. In that document, the EC noted that February 2011 to July 2012 “millions of Windows users” could not access the selection screen , a ruling that the company itself has acknowledged, the Commission says. At December 2009 The EU executive had made a series of legally binding commitments offered by Microsoft to end the competition posed by the sale of Internet Explorer with its Windows operating system, which dominates the personal computer market. Specifically, Microsoft committed, for a period of five years (until 2014) , to make available to its customers in the European Economic Area a screen through which they could choose the browser you want to install Internet access. That choice was implemented in March 2010 for all European users of Windows that have Internet Explorer as your default browser. On 16 July, the EC decided to open a formal investigation into Microsoft to determine whether the company had failed to fulfill any of its commitments. objections Specifications is considered a formal step in the investigation of the Commission , which informs the parties concerned in writing of the charges leveled against them. The parties also can then respond in writing to the Commission and request an oral hearing to present its comments, said the EU executive. The EC will take a final decision once all parties have exercised their right to defense, he said. In If proven, finally, that a company has failed to legally binding commitments to disperse any competition concerns, the Commission could impose a fine in the amount of up to 10% of its total annual turnover.

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