The Earth can be destroyed without help

The planet does not need human pollution to climate change, because it has its own natural plant carbon dioxide: volcanoes.


The Earth is able to be adjusted periodically, so that climate change is no longer exclusive to our times, said Juan Francisco Sánchez Beristain, Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). ” It is true that humanity helps this process, but in a fraction. The man is egocentric to feel solely responsible, actually the planet can be destroyed without any help, “he said, while clarifying that the world undergoes mutations temperature every 400,000 years. “This period is not exact and depends on variables such as stations recorded every 25,000, 40,000 or even 100,000 years, that the conjoined cycles generate sudden and extremely hot or cold.

“However, should I worry about the next, as it will be in four or five thousand years and then not be here, “he explained in his lecture” Using fossils and carbonate sediments to study climate variations “in the auditorium of the Institute of Biology UNAM. Among the issues that lie ahead, said that in the coming months there will be a solar episode related to spots on its surface and “this is given every eight or 13 years.” The planet does not need human pollution to climate change, it has its own natural plant carbon dioxide (CO2).

Volcanoes “The gases produced by a crater increase the temperature in the world, in fact, was a time of high volcanic activity that generated the greatest extinction before the Triassic period and He became deserted over half of the exposed surface of the Earth , said. He said that to combat global warming, the United Nations (UN) created the Kyoto Protocol, many countries signed; also “we can contribute to this fight” by not using aerosols with chlorofluorocarbons, pollute less and prioritize public transport or bike on the car. With the aim of understanding you acontecidas alterations thousands of years ago, Sanchez Beristain has specialized in the study of fossils and carbonate sediments.

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