The designs of the iPhone 5 is not like 68% of those surveyed, according to Business Insider

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Two days before the presentation of the new model of Apple, the iPhone 5 , with dozens of leaked photos and rumors continue to flood the web, the news page Business Insider decided to ask readers their opinion on the new iPhone and the supposed improvements that the company has introduced the apple. The result is that 68% said that it was ” ugly “.

After all the news that has been published about the iPhone 5and the images that have been leaked, some people even dared to ” clone “a team that has not yet hit the market, and this in spite of the last trial that has Apple reason to the detriment of Samsung. Thus, the Chinese company Goford has created atwin based on all these rumors about the external changes, ie, with larger screen, thinner, less new connection, change the location of the headphone jack, the rear design of equipment, etc.. Anyway, this is one of the many reactions that are generating the iPhone 5 without being officially and also assumes that Apple intends to return to the note with its new terminal, to regain the lead lost to Samsung . And is that Koreans claim to have sold 20 million of its Galaxy S III in three months, reaching the figure of 51 million smartphones sold in the last quarter, more than Apple, Nokia and HTC together.

Apple could begin selling its new phone on 21 September. The company reserves the device admit this week, but the terminal does not start selling until Sept. 21 , according to the latest rumors.

   This week we will know the future of the iPhone. Apple has invited the media on September 12 to introduce the new generation of ‘smartphone’, which is expected to be one of the major competitors in the market.recent months there has been speculation about the new features of the device and its arrival is awaited .

   In addition to its features, Apple fans are already eager to know the day you begin marketing the device. According to The Telegraph, it seems that the chosen day is Sept. 21 . The British newspaper estimated that within a week after his presentation, Apple could start shipping its expected terminal, according to retailers who marketed.

   At the moment we do not know the models of the new iPhone that Apple will introduce , but assumes that it will continue its previous strategy and present three options according to their ability.

   With this new device Apple iPhone recycle their range. The arrival of this new device could mean goodbye to one of the company’s models, the iPhone 3GS , which would have no place in the catalog of Apple. The evolution of Apple software would require removal from your catalog 3GS model, which no longer provide the necessary technical potential.

   With the withdrawal of the catalog of iPhone 3GS, we expect the iPhone 4 becomes the most affordable model Apple. Also before the withdrawal of the 3GS model, Apple could introduce a new iPhone 4 of 8 GB , following the strategy already adopted with the iPhone 4.

What readers are saying

So many news about the iPhone 5 is what has led to the site Business Insider readers to ask their opinion on the terminal based on the features that have been leaked on it. It seems that they are not as impressed with the new team because of the 2,400 respondents to the survey, 68% thought it was ” ugly “. Now, if we rely on what we know so far Apple and his business career, we can only think that the new iPhone 5 will be a success. Think of the iPhone 4S . He was criticized for being essentially an iPhone 4 with small updates yet commercially worked like a charm. Thus, despite the skeptics, Apple continues to thrive and if the changes are attributed the iPhone 5, is confirmed, your success is assured, although some seem a bit “ugly”. Will have to see the views of readers of Business Insider when Apple present its new terminal, with all the trappings to which we are accustomed to the brand.

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