The ‘Dancing’ star quickly cosmos

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  • Scientists find a pulsar that completes its orbit in just 93 minutes
  • Rota on itself almost 2.8 million times.

An international team of scientists has discovered a new pulsar-neutron star, it takes to complete its orbit only 93 minutes, time in which rotates on itself almost 2.8 million times, making it one of the objects fast the cosmos.

This new neutron star has been dubbed PSR J 1311-3430 and is the first pulsar discovered through its gamma-ray emission.

The results of this work have been obtained from Fermi observations for four years.

PSR J 1311-3430 is located in the constellation Centaurus and is part of a binary system, two stars gravitationally bound, rotating around a center of mass.

The pulsar and its companion star is located at a distance of 520,000 kilometers and the pulsar, as the Earth rotates around the star (93 minutes) and himself.

One of the fastest objects in the cosmos

According to calculations by the authors of this study, led by researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, this pulsar rotates almost 2.8 million times on itself.

Thus, it has become the neutron star in a binary system with the shortest orbital period measured to date and one of the fastest celestial objects in the cosmos.

This type of binary systems they are popularly known as “Black Widows”, because, during the ‘dance’ running the pulsar and its companion star, one is wiping out the other.

And is that the heat generated by the pulsar radiation causes periodic temperature rise and the gradual evaporation of the second star, until its demise, has detailed Hadasch Daniela, the Institute of Space Sciences.

“The pulsar is going to be just like the female spider after devouring the male after mating, “he stated.

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