The counterattack by Nokia and Microsoft

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In the last decade, the mobile phone maker Nokia has gone from sitting on the throne of the industry this year to cede the crown to her South Korean rival Samsung.

In addition to announcing the cut 40,000 jobs, the Finnish multinational has moved production to Asia. But sales of its new Lumia model have been tepid, insufficient to hold the fall of their stock.

This month all brands are preparing to launch its new smartphones shrapnel, which define the near future of the sector, but much of Nokia’s future in the long term.

Microsoft is not so weak finances as Nokia, but their operating systems have barely been able to take a bite limited to 3% of the pie smartphones, according to a recent study by Strategy Analytics statistical signature.

That is why Nokia and Microsoft filed Wednesday in New York, and in unison, a new device that will work with the new operating system Window Phone 8.

BBC spoke to several experts about their expectations for this counterattack.

Niche? Sector?

Ben WoodBen Wood believes that Nokia should give the “right recipe” to regain its leadership.

Ben Wood is head of research at CCS Insight, a technology consultant specializing in mobile devices. Think Nokia and Microsoft face a tough fight if they think make the Windows Phone will become the third dominant operating system in the market.

This will be the most important release under the leadership of chief executive of Nokia, Stephen Elop, following the line he began to stop using their Nokia phone software in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

After the first four Lumia phones, these new products will be the first to benefit fully from this alliance between the two companies.

But considering that the majority of customers in the market and have a smartphone, the big question is whether there will be room for a third platform. Nokia need to network operators and distributors to push their products heavily and reach consumers to make the leap.

To Microsoft’s success in this mission is just as important for Nokia. CCS Insight estimates that in 2012 it sold 700 million smartphones, which makes computers more prolific in the world, overtaking PCs

For many people, Windows has been displaced from the smartphoneexperience, which began in 2007 when Apple launched the iPhone and shook the traditional phone industry contributing to the misery of Nokia.

However, the program just will not suffice. Nokia needs to produce a phone with a design that entices buyers to choose it instead of the iPhone and Samsung phones.

Success depends on a complex mix of hardware, software and services.Getting the right recipe that has gone unnoticed by other major figures of the market.

Camera Technology

Matt GallagherThe strong point of Nokia, says Gallagher, is their cell phone cameras.

Mat Gallagher is editor of Amateur Photographer. The magazine praised the Nokia PureView system last month, but Gallagher warns that technology is facing a new threat.

Nokia has experience leading camera technology for smartphones. Its 7610 model in 2004 incorporated the first 1-megapixel camera and the N93, in 2006, had a three-position optical zoom.

The company has said that its latest product, the system PureView offers “a new milestone in picture” thanks to the combination of high resolution sensors and a technique called

This involves combining data from different sensors of pixels to create what Nokia calls “super-pixels”. The results showed good behavior and good low light color. PureView has long been in development, but the results are impressive and rivals some DSLRs for their detail.

With this technology, if it is refined and used with the Windows 8 platform, Nokia could be in the lead again.

Fusion? Microsoft-Nokia?

Collin GillisGillis ruled out a possible merger between Microsoft and Nokia for costly and unnecessary.

Colin Gillis is a technology analyst at BGC Partners, a financial services firm in New York. He rejected speculation that the alliance between Nokia with Microsoft is intended to end the Finnish firm absorbed by its U.S. partner.

As Microsoft pushes to increase their margin in the mobile market, we often wonder what we view on the possible acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft.

Although anything is possible, and there are reasonable grounds for this idea, we believe that this will not happen this year for several reasons.

Nokia is still committed to making Windows phones and one could say that Microsoft already enjoy the most benefits to acquire Nokia.

The recent patent violations brawl between Apple and Samsung has to serve to rekindle the interest of manufacturers by the Windows Phone operating system. Several equipment manufacturers have begun to pay royalties to Microsoft for its intellectual property.

A purchase of Nokia by Microsoft could scare off other phone manufacturers Microsoft partners, but we see that the company is more aggressive in this regard manufacturing as their own tablet devices.

An acquisition would be costly, would take time and would be a distraction at a critical time.

As for the price, the current market value of Nokia is U.S. $ 20,800 million, which would be the largest acquisition ever made by Microsoft.

Patent portfolio

Malik SaadiSaadi believe Nokia’s strength lies in its patent portfolio.

Malik Saadi is the principal analyst at Informa & Media, a London-based consultancy. He says that one should not underestimate the weight of the Nokia patents library, especially after a jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $ 1,050 million.

The industry speculates about 7.7% jump in the price of Nokia shares on the same day that Apple won his legal battle for patent violation.

In fact, there are several reasons why Nokia would benefit from the conflict between the two companies and the adoption of the Windows Phone platform as it could be helpful.

First, in the judgment Samsung-Apple announced that Microsoft has signed an agreement under which both companies will not initiate legal action against her while the equipment is different iPhone designs. Nokia benefits directly from this agreement through its partner.

Second, Nokia could benefit from the recent change in strategy of Windows 8. Microsoft is eager to promote their experience unficada Windows 8 on all devices, from PCs to smart phones.

Third, Nokia has a large portfolio of intellectual property distributed more than 12,000 patents in all key technology sectors, including communications inhalámbricas, terminal software, image, navigation and services.

Informa believes the Nokia patent portfolio is the most balanced in all sectors of the industry which will allow Nokia to lead in innovation and make it immune to legal attacks from rivals.

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