The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, changes to part of the dome

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  • The head of the mobile operating system iOS leaves the mark.
  • It also leaves the firm John Browett, in charge of Apple Stores.

No more mourning in Cupertino, when just happened barely a year since the death of Steve Jobs. His successor at Apple, Tim Cook, jumps on stage to present a reworking of the management team as the company was known electronics in a decade. Scott Forstall, head of the mobile operating system iOS, and John Browett, in charge of Apple Stores, leave the firm.

Cook’s move comes to light coinciding with the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 and the new range of Google Nexus device. Also still echoes the failure of the new operating system for phones and tablets that launched Apple, and mapping application failed .

Apple’s CEO explains that as part of these changes give more responsibilities to Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi. It says, for “further encourage collaboration.”

Ive is leading the development of the physical devices of Apple. It is the person behind the design of their products for more than a decade and now also address software. Mansfield will lead the technology group while Cue takes over Siri voice system and to bind all Maps online service, with iTunes, the App Store, e-books and the cloud.

Federighi assumes Forstall’s iOS and OS X joins to the PC operating system, which will be responsible from now on the two platforms that give life to Apple products. There is no substitute for Browett, who had to give continuity not long ago the legacy of Ron Johnson.While looking over, Cook will take over the department, which is the most dominating their especialziación in logistics.

The news came as a surprise to investors and markets, in a day when Wall Street is closed. The Nasdaq, which trades in the market Apple will continue tomorrow without Sandy hurricane activity, so we will wait to see how to get the flooring decision. The shares have lost 15% of its value since the presentation of the iPhone5.

While Browett over from the front of the store is a typical case of signing failed (ran until seven months ago Dixon appliances chain), Forstall firing means the first punch on the table for Tim Cook.

With 15 years at Apple, at some point aspired Forstall, writes Adam Lashinsky on Apple, Steve Jobs’s legacy, to replace Jobs. He is portrayed as brilliant oratory (he had been a young stage actor) and also at work, which was made climbing the side of Jobs. Against him is a difficult character to work as a team, something that Apple already had the quota covered with Steve Jobs. After missing this, Cook has preferred priority work “in partnership”.


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