The beta version of Steam for Linux is now available for all users

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Valve has opened for all Internet users beta version of its Steam gaming platform for Linux in Ubuntu version. Although it had launched a beta in some areas, it has now made available to the public for free download at the Valve Store. Users will have access to the 39 first titles on the platform.


   A few months ago confirmed that Valve was immersed in a project of developing Steam for Linux. After your video game distribution service arrived to Windows and Mac OS X, the company discovered that there was huge potential consumers and game developers in open source.

   The development of Steam for Linux fans involved from the beginning, with the provision of a blog devoted to the latest developments. The company also chose from among its ranks 1000 computer expert them to verify the last tests of its prototype.

   After passing the test of the beta version was made available for a portion of the Internet for testing. However, this week Valve has released version access via a downloadable in store. The free application weighs 1.5 MB and has instant access to thefirst 39 game titles available.

   These include titles like TeamFortress 2, Amnesia, Bomber Attack or The Book of Unwritten Tales.

   Valve will soon expand its catalog of games for Linux and incorporate other online services found in Windows and Mac OS X, such as Articles.

   Accompanied the process of creating a final version, the teamwill continue the operation of Valve Steam through a trace using GitHub . Also resolve potential problems in its dedicated forum.

   For now, the development of Steam on a platform of free access, has taken shape in Ubuntu , one of the most popular versions of Linux and having a greater ease of use. However, Valve announced in July that he would try to reach as soon as possible the other Linux distributions.

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