The best apps to save battery on an Android phone

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The battery life continues to be a drag quite common in most smartphones because, while the other advancing technologies continue unabated, paragraph energy seems stuck and the only solution is to integrate larger capacity batteries. Autonomy depends a lot on how we use the terminal and if not used to be constantly querying the web or playing need not be a problem but the reality is that it is common that we have to go through the plug almost daily . 

Added to this is that now the phones tend to carry larger screens and this component is one of the most punishing drums. In the Terminal application store Android there are many applications that help extend the maximum duration of the batteries, make a selection of the top five.

Easy Battery Saver (Free)

This application is highly appreciated by the users of mobile apps as it offers various options to control energy consumption and achieves good results. Like almost all such applications, Easy Battery Saver features a time remaining indicator and comes with several preset saving modes, here is super smart or general. Each of these modes makes a series of automatic settings to try to prevent battery drain so quickly, but also has an advanced mode where you can configure the application’s behavior to suit the user.It also has a section where we see what components or programs are consuming more energy and also has a comfortable interface organized in tabs, the downside is that it is in English .

Green Power (free)

With this service, also highly rated by customers, we have a greater control over certain behaviors of the system. An example would configure what happens when the screen is off, we can tell you to turn off all connections or not synchronize any data until not kindle the terminal, so we ensure that while at rest there are processes that punishing drums. The interface is not very attractive but it works very well .

Android Booster (free)

The main purpose of this application is to save battery but not optimize to go faster freeing memory in use.But has a very comprehensive section focused on minimizing energy consumption that gives detailed information about the remaining time left and also has several controls to disable functions and connections.

Good Night, Android! FREE (Free)

This utility is fairly new and already has a very high score in the store Google Play. What it does is allow Android Good Night set a profile to turn off automatic connections or certain tools when we go to sleep. program it is possible to make all the changes at a specific time so you do not have to do it manually. Besides the application itself comes with a theme in black tone to save even more battery.

Juice Defender – Battery Saver (Free)

We left the best for last because this is probably the most complete of all the list. has three automatic modes (balanced, aggressive and end), and just as most applications of this type can also create our own custom profile. has not prettier interface or intuitive but it’s all getting better results when it comes to extending the life of the battery

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