The best applications for the camera of Nokia Lumia 800

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The camera is a very important aspect in a smartphone for most users and we are seeing more advanced systems that come close to the quality we offer compact cameras and sometimes other more professional.


Besides the battle for megapixels (which really do not affect the quality of the image), the various brands are betting on new features that make it the most complete photographic experience and give us better results. An example would be the image stabilizer, burst shooting, face detection and scene modes. But in addition to photos are applications that use the camera as a window to the world to show useful information. In this area the Nokia Lumia 800 , and all terminals of the family, has several very complete services. There are applications for image editing with effects, rather they be called “lenses “as they exploit the camera to show us other possibilities. Make a selection of the best “Application lens” camera for Nokia Lumia 800.

Nokia City Lens

Nokia Vista Urbana

This service was launched a few months ago and belongs to the class of applications called Augmented Reality. services is based on location and uses systems like the accelerometer to show information about attractions. Their operation is very simple since we’ll just pointing the camera in the desired direction to see the places available. It is organized into several categories such as restaurants, shopping, hotels, entertainment and transportation. Nokia Vista Urbana is perfect to move freely around the city.

Creative Studio

This extension of the camera of the Nokia Lumia 800 has a number of interesting options, although I must say that your goal is focused solely on the fun and has no practical value. Among the various options offered by this application, there is a section with deformations that let you do fun portraits enlarging the mouth, chin or completely distorting the entire head, all in real time while doing the photo. Another section is the dynamic style , works like deformations but in this case adds creative filters like sketch effect, night vision, cartoon or silkscreen among others. The downside is that it only allows photos, video function is not supported.

Bing Vision

This feature is a bit hidden and go unnoticed by most users. When we press the magnifying glass opens the search engine Bing , and then click on the eye icon activates Bing Vision. This service consists of two functions, first we read QR codes directly without having to download any additional application. The other feature of Bing Vision is to translate texts simply focusing them with the camera , which is useful for translating such a restaurant menu quickly without having to type once.

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