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Kazajob, a mobile application that “democratizes figure head hunter”, has won InfoJobs App Challenge , the competition launched by the job portal to facilitate job search, endowed with 10,000 euros.


Carlos Granados, author of the winning application, highlight your KazaJob “allows workers and businesses of all types benefit from the figure of the scouts.” For Granados, participate in InfoJobs App Challenge was “an exciting challenge, motivating and very well organized.”

According to information of the finalists, Kazajob is an “application HTLM5” that connects people interested in a job with “kazadores” , or rather, a sector experts who have many contacts. You can registar as a new user or through your account at the InfoJob. This last option is to load your resume DIRECTLY Kazajob profile and should only add links to their social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter ).

The idea of this “app” is that “Kazador” help the applicant to “polish their presence in the labor market and find employment opportunities through their contacts. ” The application is a hybrid between a free and paid. On one hand, if the applicant is not working, recording and subsequent support are completely free, but thanks to get that dream job application, subject to a 1% of their salary to Kazador first .

Of that amount assigned to Kazador, Kazajob keeps 25% by the use of the platform. All communication between applicants, kazadores and companies is performed via the web application. Escriorio version uses Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery Mobile Version Mobile.CrowdJob used, the more imaginative.

The mobile application Crowdjob has achieved the award for most imaginative idea, endowed with 1,000 euros . This is an app that allows several people to form a team and presented as such to the job, reports EP. “It seems almost crazy that is our way disruptive solutions” listed in their profile of finalists.

His idea of the need for companies to set up working groups to begin a project. Companies take to the streets for several people with these profiles and to design the working group. The key to a good working team work are to avoid clashes, good interaction, create great working environment and efficiency. To avoid bad company formed groups, developers of the proposed Crowdjob companies ‘working groups already created “ at their disposal. It is designed with HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Web Design and can be used both in desktop and mobile devices. It is also integrated which gives InfoJobs profile data, registration and access to jobs.

InfoJobs Card, the public’s choice

                                                     The best applications for job search

The award for the most voted app has been on the application InfoJobs Card , a social network in which users share the job they know, EP reports. “InfoJobs Card is a social network where users post deals (ads on the street or work which they learn by word of mouth), share them with your contacts and help to find work,” reads his profile finalist on the competition page.

This app developers have started from the idea that only very few job openings are posted on the Internet, and that the bulk of these deals circulating “offline”. In short, this is a social network in which “friends” posted the deals they have seen on the street as well as running for others. It has some special features, such as the “Winner of the week”, a user of selection will benefit, since the rest of the network members are dedicated to working with deals exckusivas seek employment. this “app” uses Phonegap framework.

Other services

The event, held at NCB Activa, in addition to winning has been heard to developers of other apps finalists: BMyjob , which simplifies and fast and fun job searches in Infojobs network; QRjobs, which aims to attract jobs to the platform classic InfoJobs and JobsCapture, allowing help others by sharing information about job openings.

Job Wizard , which helps all people seeking employment or wanting to be informed and prepared to seek; Video interview InfoJob s, an app that allows the realization of Video Interviews remotely; InfoJobs my interviews , an “app” to manage all user interviews, and Job stats , for comparing the labor market demand for different skills and abilities.

The application contest winner received a prize of 10,000 euros, the most original idea presented was awarded 1,000 euros, as the “app” more votes “online”. InfoJobs App Challenge began on 29 October with the aim of creating a space to connect people, talents and ideas to facilitate job search and jobs by creating an ecosystem of complementary applications to official job portal .

For the final selection of the winner, InfoJobs App Challenge has received a prestigious jury composed of representatives of GSMA Mobile World Capital, Accenture, AppFutura, Mobivery, Malcom, and Blocket . During InfoJobs App Challenge, participants have been supported in the process of creating mobile applications AppCircus , one of the international references in the mobile sector, through the platform-at-Home Hack.

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