The battery life, the challenge of the mobile manufacturers

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The “smartphones” with each passing year have more features, are faster, lighter, thinner and have better performance, but there is one factor that still fails, the battery life. No wonder that such a device consumes as much energy as large screens with resolutions or wireless functions like WiFi need electricity to function well.

Mobile Batteries

Mobile Batteries

Users also begin to know that the battery of a mobile can “hold” a whole day if you dispense with some options. For example, to keep off the Bluetooth when not in use, reducing the screen brightness or turn off the data connection. However, the battery life is one of the outstanding issues of the manufacturers.

Jared Newman explains in the magazine “Time” that manufacturers have neglected the improvement in battery to promote other aspects of mobile as the weight or thickness. But gradually have to work and try to solve these problems. Many mobile sales representatives as Blackberry, Samsung or Sony try to highlight when selling the device as these houses have implemented better batteries (more load) or options within the operating system to power-saving device.

GSM Arena has done a test to assess the duration of the battery of several phones under various uses and thus determine which is the most profitable. If you use the phone only to call , ie the screen is turned off and the processor idle uses much less energy. In this category the Mobile Motorola RAZR MAXX wins the battle lasting until 21:18 hours. However, if competition is focused on high-end devices on Sony Xperia Z wins the battle by providing energy for 16 hours and three minutes . This device has a 2330 mAh battery and a quad-core processor, and also has a power saving function. The LG Optimus Galso has a good performance with 15:30. The Google Nexus 4 and Nokia Lumia 620 at 14:17 hours work, winning the Galaxy S4 (13:53) and the HTC One (13: 38).

But one must be realistic and admit that the ‘smartphones’ are not used only for calling and receiving llamamas. That is why also tested in other circumstances, for example, when navigating through the Internet.This section gets to have iPhone 5 battery for 9:59 minutes, followed closely by HTC One, the new high-end mobile HTC of Taiwan, which lasts nine hours and 58 minutes. The Galaxy S4 reaches nearly 9 hours while the Sony Xperia Z does not exceed 5:39. This means that if the user wants to take advantage of all the possibilities that your mobile should carry a battery charger.

Apps to save energy

Given this reality, the developers also searched for solutions, such as implementing “apps” that make the device more sustainable. Almost all are based on the same principle, ask the phone to turn off certain functions that are not working to save energy.

In the case of using a mobile phone with Android operating system , there are many such applications available on Google Play (and free).One of the best known is JuiceDefender which has a basic mode of saving in the same application that determines the key points to “off”, but can also be customized.

When using an iPhone exists Battery Life Pro , one free app with a very dynamic and attractive interface that shows phone functions are consuming more energy. Users of Apple can also calibrate the batteryand so make the best of this.

Improve Battery

Jared Newman explains in the magazine “Time” generally, almost all smart phones have lithium-ion battery providing energy by transferring electrons. “The amount of lithium ions within the battery affects directly the time the phone can last , “he says.

According to this reporter the problem lies in the graphite stored ions as it has a load limit, but says, larger battery is an option to solve this problem, most manufacturers prefer to offer a mobile thin and light so Do not enlarge the battery. The other solution is in the hands of scientists and engineers, as they are in “the race to replace graphite with silicon, a material that can deliver ten times the capacity of today’s batteries, at least in theory,” Newman points.

However there are some problems with the silicon since this is “inflated” during loading and can cause breakage of the electrical contacts during and  therefore the quality of life of the battery. Other companies are experimenting with a compound of silicon and graphene , a component that prevents inflammation of the silicon but the technology is not available to manufacturers and users to a little more than two or three years.

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