The app Google Drive is updated with presentations and Google Docs settings

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Google Drive renew their applications for iOS and Androidbetting big on integration with your text editor, Google Docs . It also offers an interesting novelty to filings from the ‘smartphone’ and synchronize with all devices.


  The version for mobile devices promises to integrate cloud services with the text editorGoogle Docs . Visitors can edit your text, change the format and design, without ever losing the cloud document. Timing is instantand also for all the devices on the account of a user who have installed the app, reports the giant Internet through your blog.  

   It enhances the versatility of the interface , with new folders and interchangeable inserts and the option of classifying or send them to other users.

   Another interesting new feature is the ability to include presentations and edit them. This alternative is a link in the philosophy of the cloud synchronization, in which a user begins a project on the computer and it can continue in its ‘smartphone’ and ‘tablet’ , without losing pace.The cloud Android also connects to a printer, via Google Cloud Print .

   Moreover, a feature that is missing in the previous version is the possibility to include in documents tables. While the range of time is very basic designs, will soon be extended with new formats .


   The users of the devices Apple also enjoy this latest update of cloud Google Drive , but still several steps behind the operating system version of Google itself.

   The text editor Docs is seamlessly integrated with the broad options presented Google Docs. Users can change the design, layout and typography . In addition, this latest version loses the rigidity of the above and can move folders, sort and classify.

   Finally, as in Android , allows presentations between Apple devicesiPod Touch, iPad and iPhone .

   The cloud of Google came to iOS in June, and since then the Mountain View have decided to bet heavily on the integration front iCloud , in competitive devices. Renovation projects are ongoing, such as the next insert spreadsheets.

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