The ‘app’ active Youtube mobile option “skip ad”

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Smartphone users entering the site YouTube from your mobile device no longer have to wait to see the ad that precedes the content they want to see because it is available the option to “skip ad” . This functionality is inspired TrueView leading established since 2010 in the PC version and is advertisers pay only if the user has actually seen the ad.  


With this update the user can choose whether or not you have time to see the ad, which translates into a positive for the impatient. However,advertisers only charged if the ad is seen , this method is called TrueView company since its inception in 2010 to the version of Internet on computers.

   According to executives of Google , despite this new move that could worsen income from advertisers, there will be people who do want to see the ads before entering the video you have chosen. In fact, they think that they’re sitting on your couch watching funny videos from Youtube on your phone, you might want to see a ‘trailer’ for new film Paramount Pictures . Or even if they were watching videos to get ideas of styles andL’Orea l would offer a video-ad beauty, they may be interested.

   According to the figures provided by the company, between 15 percent and 45 percent of visitors to Youtube-from a computer-specific usually choose to watch ads .

   The ‘manager’ monetization Youtube , Phil Farhi , insisted on the idea that the option of skipping ads does not affect the percentage of people who stand to see them. According to Farhi: “It is far better user experience where the user feels now control their advertising feels just as control of their content.”

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