The animated film world’s smallest

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IBM company scientists have presented Wednesday “the world’s smallest film”, a revolutionary work done under a microscope showing increased movement of atoms … 100 million times .

This short film, which lasts one minute and 30 seconds, is titled ‘A boy and his atom’ and tells the story of a little guy playing with an atom, which is still dancing and jumping movements, to explain the science of pedagogical way .

“Shooting, place and shape the atoms and thus create an original animated film is an accurate and totally new science,” said Andreas Heinrich, IBM Research scientist.

“This movie is a fun way to share the world to the atomic scale , allowing open dialogue with students or others on the new frontiers of mathematics and science, “he adds.

This instrument “is the first that allows scientists to see the world of the infinitely small, atoms,” says Christopher Lutz, a researcher at the computer company.

To make the film, have been displaced atoms with the help of a microscope prepared some years ago by IBM, an invention that earned them the Nobel Prize for their designers.

The device uses a very fine needle, on a copper surface, to attract or repel the atoms and molecules to a precise location. The film has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest of animation world, according to IBM says.

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