The 8% of users connecting to the Internet with mobile use antivirus

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Only 8 percent of mobile phone users use antivirus , although this percentage is growing significantly, according to the latest ‘Safety Study on mobile devices and smartphones, just released by the Observatory of the National Institute of Communication Technologies (Inteco).

   It is the eighth wave of this research aims to provide a “diagnosis evolutionary” the use of mobile devices and smartphones , as well as the security measures used and incidents suffered. The sample corresponds to the last quarter of 2011 and is based on the view 3655 Spanish Internet users of mobile devices, according to a press release picked up by Europa Press Inteco.

   According to the study, at the end of 2011 almost all users, specifically 98.4 percent, had a mobile phone, of which 56.2 percent owned a ‘smartphone ‘or last device generation.

   Thus the detected Inteco standardization and implementation of bluetooth in a large number of terminals , with 90.1 percent of respondents who say they have this technology in the mobile phone. Also clear the high use of mobile Internet with 71.6 percent. And finally, the availability of Wi-Fi is also situated at a high level, with 65.5 percent.

   Research shows that in the last three years “more than doubled” the percentage of users who access email from a mobile phone: 21.8 percent passed to 50.4 percent. Thus, half of the Internet users with mobile device, 50.4 percent, read email through your terminal , 50.6 percent made from your phone downloads and 63.2 percent install applications that require of geolocation for use, among other utilities.

   Regarding security measures, the study concludes that the use of PIN code is the primary measure of device protection, reaching 84 percent of users , 2.9 percentage points lower than the previous quarter.

   Furthermore, although the use of antivirus is still low, at 8.1 percent, there is a significant rise. The quarterly change was very high, as in the previous wave antivirus usage was at 5.1 percent.

   The analysis shows that 57.3 percent of users take the necessary steps and turn on Bluetooth only when needed , in contrast, and as “bad habit”, 16.7 percent maintained this connection so lit usual.

The more security incident reported by Spanish users is the loss of the terminal . In the third quarter of 2011 the loss of the terminal is at 13.6 percent, followed by the theft of the same, 11.9 percent, and infection by viruses or malware 1.5 percent.

   Finally, the study shows that less than a fifth of users, 18.4 percent reported having been subjected to any attempt by toll fraud and is slightly higher, at 3.2 percent, the percentage of those who declared that this has resulted in a financial loss.

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