The 5 most important keys of iPhone 5

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Do you that you would ask the new iPhone 5 ? If you are someone who is paid to supplies by chapters of rumors about the launch of the sixth generation of the device from Apple , you know it is very close to that apple company finally detail the technical characteristics of the device and provide more information on the coming-out of the device. The presentation will take place on Wednesday September 12 with Tim Cook , new CEO of Apple , as master of ceremonies. Although we have no official information on the sheet, by now we are ready to move forward on some of the benefits which could be configured the phone, even though it is not yet possible to confirm that this is the true specification sheet . But what are thefive keys that will give character to the iPhone 5 ?


1) The size of the screen .

It is one of the most discussed topics. The arrival of the new iPhone also could mean landing a new panel of just four inches , which would be the maximum that could suck the most loyal to Apple users . All images that have appeared so far also point to a change in this respect, but the fact is that it will be necessary to confirm the company official to reaffirm the hypothesis. The new panel would have a final resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels , which would mean the entry into the world of high definition . This integration would enable a new row of icons. About? Applications? In principle there should be major changes. The phone screen grow along rather than across, so that developers could maintain the current size of the applications in a maximum integration.

2) Dimensions . For now not have released figures that may indicate the official measures of the device, but the truth is that we have some data that point to a major redesign of the terminal housing. Some suggest that the device would have a coverage Liquid Metal , a metal alloy that would reduce the bulk of the device and deliver vastly improved the look of the device. This would be a smartphone thinner, smarter integration with internal elements such as processor or battery, a party most important and largest of the iPhone .

3) Weight . Reducing the thickness of the apparatus to be directly related to the final weight of the device.It is true that we can not go exact details on weight. The current iPhone 4 is aiming a weight of 140 grams , so that if the dimensions change, the reduction should also be shown on the scale. It is possible, however, that the iPhone 5 continues to maintain – more or less – the same values, since the vast majority of smartphones usually around similar figures with the included battery. We’ll see if the housing consists Liquid Metal , detect what kind of improvements in this regard.

iphone 5 prototype

4) The charger . The latest rumors that have come to our table claiming that the iPhone 5 would come to market with a new eight-pin connector , much smaller than has hitherto been included in all models of this device. If true this assumption, this would be a radical reduction with respect to the 30-pin connectorthat until now has been integrated into the iPhone . If this characteristic changes in the iPhone 5 , the modification would also be extended to all connectors or bases, accessories since the former would no longer valid. The renovation would have to be intense and total, detail would favor – certainly – to own Apple and all accessories manufacturers and compatible connectors iPhone .

5) The functions . We are in the era of smart mobile users demand more and better features. Samsungsurprised us last week with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3 , a phone packed with smart features that offer added value to the terminal. The same could make Apple . Besides improving Siri (the voice assistant that was halfway to the operation), the company Cupertino should nurture their new iPhone 5 with various intelligent functions to perform basic tasks. Improvements are expected in the section onGPS , with standard integrated browser, or the camera whose features should provide a different experience and complete the user to search the iPhone 5 a touchscreen phone really renovated.

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