The 5 Facebook Issues

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Facebook is undergoing a period of anxiety. Since the departure of the leading social network to exchange, have doubts about his rife muscle.Although the primacy of time is secured, the shadows begin to lengthen.

– Crash in the stock market . Facebook has lost 47% of its value since its IPO in less than three months from the noisy output to the stock, the initial $ 38 to $ 21 per share. The contribution of technology companies to the risk of loss of control by the original owners. The economic objectives of the new shareholders require a policy subject to further justification of financial results.

– Reviews the manager Zuckerberg . More and more voices question the creator of the social network as ideal person to lead a publicly traded company. A computer genius does not ensure an economic genius. For example put the successful formula used Google. Larry Page, co-founder Sergey Brin along, ran the company until it went public. Since then handed the baton to Eric Schmidt until last year when, better prepared, he resumed the post of CEO.

– mobile advertising market . The weak point of Facebook is the inclusion of advertising on its mobile application , a pending where the company already works . More than half of registered users accessing from a mobile device and never get 83 million directly through an orderly. A huge volume of traffic with little contact with social network advertising and therefore prevents the monetization of their access via mobile.Also a bad sign for potential advertisers.

– Actual number of users and activity Last week it was learned that the actual number of registered users is significantly lower: 83 million users total of about 955 million are in reaildad fake accounts, duplicated or dedicated to “spam”. And recently, a company reported that 80% of clicks received from Facebook were executed by bots. More wood on the doubts of real activity in the network.

 Competition . Google’s bid for his social network is strong. Although their numbers are far from Facebook, Larry Page is far from throwing in the towel and continues to implement Google +, especially favored by the momentum of your browser. The threat, though far, still there, along with the emergence of alternative networks that seek to capture the public discontent with Facebook for its lax privacy policy or those who seek greater specialization.

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