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Three years after its release, the system Google has thousands of free apps available. These are the most useful and popular.

At the time, the iPhone was made popular by the huge number of applications offered by the App Store . Now, three years after the departure of Google’s operating system, Android has thousands of interesting applications in the Android Market for ISVs that can be achieved for free . That’s why we decided to choose 20 of the most useful and popular apps available for Android.

Throughout the time we have mentioned so many iPhone apps that feel we have left out of Android users. It’s been almost three years since the departure of Google’s open operating system and independent and corporate developers alike have created a lot of great free apps you can install on your phone from the Android Market. Here we recommend 20 of the best.

1 – Open Advanced Task Killer

We start with the best known of all. If you want a simple and powerful task manager, this is the one you need. You can see how much memory you have available, closing at any time pass between them or place an icon on the desktop to terminate all running applications.

2 – Ringdroid

This was one of the first applications that appeared in the Android Market and to this day remains one of the best when it comes to editing ringtones. The application allows you to take any sound file you have on your phone, edit and apply as ringtone or alarm . It also includes the option to record, to take you directly to the editor to trim with the intuitive interface offered Ringdroid.

3 – doubleTwist Player

The default audio player Android is pretty good, but if you are not convinced and are looking for a new one, we recommend double Twist Player. Not only is very intuitive and convenient , but when you close it, and remember what you were listening to the song played again from the place where he was, a very useful option that surprisingly few applications include. Also synchronizes with the PC application is able to import songs from your iTunes, and more.

4 – Juice Defender

With the regularity we use mobile phones today, it is normal that the battery is consumed quickly. That’s why we need to save much energy and Juice Defender can do the job for us blocking most of the services and networks spend battery when the phone is locked.Besides having several default settings, use to customize and choose for what networks and block hour intervals at which you must activate to update the mail account, among many other options.

5 – Listen

If, like us, you’re a fan of some podcasts that go about the web and you’re sick of having to download them from your computer and transfer to phone before you leave your home, there are a good option called Listen. Provided you have freedom with the bandwidth of your phone, it can subscribe to all the podcasts you want to play them directly from the phone. It also includes a search engine to find new content according to your interests.

6 – Signature BioWallet

For all those people who keep private content on the phone, any security measure is never enough. To allay those unstable moods, there BioWallet Signature, able to store and protect passwords and content, saving it with your signature and password. Whatever you have to save, either pictures, videos or any other type of document is encrypted (AES 256 bit) and inaccessible to others.

7 – Moov

If you like saving much time as possible or your phone is full of apps and it takes a long time to find what you want, maybe you should try Moov. This application is quite simple, and you can write from the home screen and instantly shows you contacts, apps, sites, files or anything related to what you have written . Furthermore, as more you use it, learns, so that shows what more you use first.

8 – Foursquare

Foursquare is a well known application, which was made popular by the places they frequent show your friends. But what’s really brilliant in this application is that it allows to create anetwork of local recommendations. For example, if you’re in the middle of Street and hungry, Foursquare detects your position, shows food places nearby and in turn severalrecommendations and reviews of other people who have visited. addition, each person can add a location at any time, so that works in all countries.

9 – Evernote

As Foursquare, Evernote is a well known application that requires no introduction and it is no coincidence that it is one of the best for Android. With this application you can create audio or text notes instantly or upload a picture at the time and synchronize with your account , so you are on your mobile and on your desktop at the same time. All this with an excellent and comprehensive interface, completely free.

10 – TweetDeck

As expected, there are dozens of applications for Twitter on Android, but finally decided to stay with TweetDeck for its interface and functionality. As excellent desktop version, you can have Twitter accounts, Facebook, Foursquare and Google Buzz in the same application , divided by columns you can do with a simple hand gesture. You can add as many columns you want and, if you have the desktop version, all content atuomáticamente syncs with your account.

11 – Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

The Android Market offers many applications to find wallpapers and ringtones, but no better than Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers. This application d automatically etecta your phone model and resolution of your screen and offers millions of wallpapers and ringtonesuploaded by the 19 million users that make up the Zedge community.

12 – The Weather Channel

Although desktop widgets leave a bit to be desired, there is full implementation of qe weather from The Weather Channel. Besides giving you all the information about the current climate and all week, allows voice search, various types of weather maps like animated radar site and from your cellphone.

13 – ES File Explorer

Of all the applications to manage files, ES File Explorer is the best and does not have any annoying ads. With a great interface, you can copy, cut and move files, select multiple, edit text and manage applications, compress and decompress files and connect via Bluetooth.

14 – Tabular

This application lets you access countless tables of your favorite songs from your phone. They are divided by chords, riffs and even have scores to determine which are the best.

15 – Web Snapshots

This application works to take images of the pages you visit with your mobile. The good thing is that these images saved in PDF format, so you can read them later without an Internet connection. For the moment, is the best replacement for Read it Later app, which became payment.

16 – Androidify

This application is not the best or the most useful, but is perfect for all those people who want to make avatars with the classic model of Android. It is a fun and free application to create Androids with different aspects and accessories then compartilor with friends or upload it as an avatar for the various applications you use.

17 – Thesaurus

Different applications usually need to find meanings of words, synonyms, antonyms and translations, but the final implementation Thesaurus is available in several languages. ‘s very complete and also allows searching directly on popular sites like Wikipedia, and more .

18 – Ringo Lite

We recommend an application to search ringtones and you can complete the set with Ringo, the best application to manage your ringtones. For some reason, the system to configure the Android ringtones is not very clear, but Ringo is simple and allows you to place call ringtones, and specific messages for each of your contacts.

19 – Kongregate Arcade

We’ve been through Kongregate Arcade and hold that back. This is the best application to get games for free. Here you can get over 410 free games and more are added weekly. Also, participate in rankings, you can earn achievements and do reviews of games, as well as read the opinion of other players.

20 – Barcode Scanner

This is the application that can not miss on any Android phone. Not only because it is capable of reading any bar code , but because it is necessary to read the thousands of shortcut codes that roam the web. Whether a contact, application or site, Barcode Scanner can read any code.

The new Android Market there are many more than those mentioned here, but as we had never made a list like this, it seemed important to review the most popular and useful of all. If you know more applications that we have not mentioned, please discuss them and share them so that everyone Could we try.

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