The 10 new Windows Phone 8

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Following the launch of Windows 8 last week, he’s your turn to smartphones. Microsoft has introduced its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, his last trick to regain market share and move away 5% it currently owns.

Cross Experience

The best trick with Windows Phone 8 counts to become real competition for Android and iOS is its complete integration with the Windows ecosystem, including tablets and PCs. The performance of all versions of Windows 8 is similar, so it will be easier for the user and also shares much of the code, so application move between devices is really easy. With SkyDrive, the storage system in the Microsoft cloud, 7GB user available memory to store files that can be accessed from any device with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

New look
From the first contact with Windows Phone 8, features a new home screen with more information and configuration options. Icons can be made larger or smaller and sort to consumer tastes. They are also widgets with their own life, able to update and display real-time information.This same option is possible even with the locked terminal. The notifications come alive and even with the device locked on the screen. The user can configure the applications you want to, for example, see real-time weather forecasts or Facebook show a photo collage of your photo album or Bing day without having to unlock the smartphone.

Sense Data
control spending data on the mobile device will be easier with this service that includes Microsoft in its new operating system. Sense Data can measure the amount of data used, integrates with Internet Explorer 10 and compresses the web to reduce the data amount up to 45% allowing more navigationThe downside of this service is that it depends on the operators, which for the moment have not been handed down.

Kids Corner.
That little house not lead to handle the phone with the new application risks including Windows Phone.Designed for parents, Kids Corner can set a different profile for children with their own applications, photos, music and videos so that when the small take the device does not have access to all the phone, only to your user profile.

Multicore processors.
WP8 The new platform will support terminals that incorporate multi-core processors, with the feature that Windows Phone 7 did not. Not only support dual-core processors, but in the presentation of the new operating system was discussed until 64.

New screen resolutions.
developers for Windows Phone applications were limited by the 800 x 480 pixels which allowed the previous version, but the new handsets with Windows Phone 8 will run on the increasingly common ratio 1280 x 720 pixels or 1280 x 768.

Expandable memory.
The new wave of handsets with Windows Phone 8 will have SD card slot to expand storage.

Nokia Maps
stronger competition from Google Maps, Nokia Maps, Bing Maps will replace all devices incorporating Windows Phone 8, Lumia terminals not only so far as it did. In addition, the new maps can be viewed without an internet connection.

‘s known online calling app will be part of People Hub, which includes contacts and facilitates the use of apps that run on the directory. With this addition, the user can make or receive calls without opening the application.

Star November is the month for the arrival of the first hand WP8 Nokia and HTC. The Finnish company launched the Lumia 920, the highest end of the range, together with the Lumia 822, 820 and 810 while HTC bets on Microsoft’s operating system with HTC One 8X and 8S and Samsung with its terminals S and TIVA TIVA Odyssey.

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