The 10 commandments for safe use of “tablets” that have brought the Kings

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The National Police specialists have developed “The tablet with the 10 commandments for safe use of technology by children, “a document that summarizes the ten basic guidelines to follow for parents and children to good use by under gadgets that the Magi brought them.

Agents of Social Networks team of police and officials of the Master Plan have prepared these recommendations before these dates, which are the peak in sales of smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras and other technological items, and is in many cases initiation of children in the availability of advanced tools and simple, misused, can pose security risks for smaller users, and other problems.

Ten “commandments” for safe use

-The new gadget is a gift, but not a toy. Its implementation requires knowing not only how it works and its many possibilities, but the risk of misuse , especially, for safety. It is recommended that the process of learning and discovery is made jointly , simultaneously, parents and children.

-The child should be clear where, how and when can (or is appropriate) use your new equipment and protect it from possible loss and unauthorized entry. If you will carry away from home, on your age, current circumstances or adult companionship, environment … Also, should record information identifying the device and block their use with a key that only he should know … and their guardians or accompanying adult in his introduction to the technology.

-The best thing is that from the beginning be agreed between both parties (children / adults) use rules, based on security criteria and rationality (that is right for the environment and the knowledge to be) that the more older than rather it will reason and reach a consensus with them, more freedom and privacy. Everything in its time or age …

– Adults should know the different options and choose the operator, as well as applications, programs and services that are installed or contract and the conditions thereof. Knowing the value and content of the same, so guess the risks you take. If you know more, you can always ask more of others who understand technology or in stores.

– The lower the new user, increased supervision , support and awareness of the need to make use of smartphone, tablet, computer, console, camera … for what you use it, with whom, what information is exchanged … A good criterion for the lesser know if you use this technology appropriately or not is that if I saw a cousin or aunt of 25-30 years, not scandalized or worry.

-In the case of smaller, parents can install programs that filter web access and inappropriate or dangerous content and to facilitate parental control. Similarly, we recommend being advised by professional schools and the National Police agents offering training for safety in more than 5,000 schools throughout Spain. In case of doubt or need, the minor should have trusted adults to be consulted(family or school environment) and, if serious, you can always contact the Police at any station, in any of the talks in schools, in 091 or by email, directly and discreetly in

-If it is still very small, the new user should assume that their guardians have global access to the content and use of the mobile, tablet or computer. In addition, they must make sure that they use it in public open spaces of the house, easily accessible to the elderly, who must monitor continuously or accompany children and go giving liberty or privacy as it is growing and gaining responsibility and consciousness risk.

-The child must know not only the risks that can be (and should avoid) to use your new equipment, but also assume to be responsible and respectful when interacting with the rest, and in coexistence with his acquaintances … (if still small, it should only interact with these).Any attack, humiliation, blackmail or heavy joke ( cyberbullying ) to another is intolerable and can get to be a crime.

-It is very important to agree and reason with norms less rational and respectful towards all about taking photos and videos, share your images with others, and of course, the non-distribution of those that are of others without their consent or that may harm irreversibly any image. Not only explain that offense may incur (as with sexting), but the importance of respect for the rest (do not do to others what you would not like to suffer).

-At the least we should alert you to the risks of fraud or conditions assume (consciously or not) to submit your information to persons or companies, contract services and buy online, and teach basic safety guidelines in electronic commerce, either businesses or between individuals. We must also alert you of malware (viruses, trojans) and spam to be found in the navigation and the existing social engineering techniques to trick the surfer.

Spain, the European leader in smartphones

Our country is the leader of the old continent in smartphone penetration among citizens, with a rate that exceeds 63% (63 out of every 100 people have a smartphone, with all utilities and capabilities that this entails) and annual growth of almost 15 percentage, according to a recent study of international technology Comscore.

In Spain there are over 20 million usuari these phones you high performance, the vast majority under the operating systems Android and iOS (Apple).

In addition, one in four Spanish (about 12 million) daily use applications on their smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs, with a fleet of 2.2 million tablets that is skyrocketing and 1.5 million television interconnected. The Spanish daily 2.7 million downloaded apps on their devices, nearly double last year, according to a report from the platform The App Date.

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