Testing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

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When first seen the  Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom first thing you think is that this product is a camera, but it really is not.We tested this new model of the Korean company that has as its main features 16 megapixel sensor and 10x optical zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

It is specially designed to use the device as if it were a digital camera with a very strong statement on the back for grip. It also has a wheel for zooming , which makes this very accurate but it increases the size of the device.We’ll see what kind of covers are offered for sale. Yes, the photos provide an enviable quality.

With regard to his ability as a phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a model that looks like, much, the S4 Galaxy Mini.The processor is a dual core model that operates at a frequency of 1.5 GHz also has 1.5 GB of RAM, which ensures smooth operation. It is very important to note that the storage is 8 GB , which for pictures you may think that is kind of lame, but as it is compatible with microSD cards up to 64 GB in this section no problem.

Moreover, and as you can see in the test we have made ​​use of the terminal does not offer particularly outstanding problems, drawing attention to good construction that has since everything you need is perfectly integrated (such as the place to access battery) that is greater comfort when using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

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