We tested eight mobile phones of the latest generation

It is not surprising that the mobility is fashionable. Within months, the smart phones have gone deep into the soil of other technologies, such as digital photography . Today it is common to see compact cameras are left at home because it takes over the phone . Media players have also given way to the abilities of smartphones for playing video and audio.


Or even to consume sources of multimedia content streaming directly (the most recent trend in mobility). The number of tasks that can solve today by phone , anytime, anywhere (provided that autonomy allows it) is as large as desired, and is even stealing land for laptops and IT tools for excellence for technological activities.

Even the tablets seem to be rid of the threat of smartphones . Therefore, the modest apparatus that we carelessly in his pocket is much computing power as thousands of supercomputers ENIAC. The iPhone 4 , for example, with its 5,000 MIPS is 100,000 times faster than ENIAC with 0.05 MIPS (million instructions per second), which in its time, back in 1946, would have an equivalent price today about six million.



Perfect for all

The ultimate goal of a smartphone varies from user to user. And in all cases is justified. Whether brag, to work as a means of entertainment or camera that also can talk on the phone . Also to learn, enjoy more of the things around us, stay in touch with family and friends, surf the internet , or for any purpose which means extending our skills or our senses.

And with each generation the manufacturers in our hands more capable devices. So far everything seems simple, but the reality is that the choice of your phone can be a long and complicated task. First you have options of all kinds, both operating systems and the hardware of the terminal. In these nine devices analyzed have five operating systems , and almost a screen size different for each model.

The figure of the diehard fan who is not willing to change their platform in any way already exists. Or those who are captivated by a particular application that only works on a given platform. For example, Instagram is only available on the Apple Store , so if you have a special affinity for this application, no choice but to buy an iPhone . However, it is usual that the tools are planned for all platforms.

The dependence of the Cloud

Anyway, this type of dependency is failing to make sense on the part of the hardware . Leaving aside the passions and affections very objective, in practice the choice of a terminal is to find one that allows us to do more things in a more efficient and pleasant manner. The appearance of the interface, how to load applications on the screen or even company policies in the workplace or the price of data charges are now reasons that influence the choice of a mobile phone . But it comes in a much more influential and less prone to dropouts: the Cloud .

If our data is stored on the Internet , we have synchronized the phone with our online server, or if our colleagues used a particular courier, choosing our next terminal will be determined by the continuity in the user experience and access to our data. BlackBerry knows well, with over 55 million subscribers, and adopting many new RIM not work, but to communicate with colleagues using BlackBerry Messenger .


If you have your music, photos, files, contacts, notes and calendar synchronized with a platform in the cloud, before having to migrate everything to a new, the best is to stay. Apple with iCloud , Android with all the framework Google , Windows Phone with Live and SkyDrive , and BlackBerry all its cluster of servers, are examples of how this network is growing.

Each platform has its own identity, both the services offered and the type of applications that can be programmed. The email, online storage, messaging, video, maps, streaming audio, security and augmented reality are some key differences that allow other platforms.

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