Telstra will launch the iPhone, but will it be 4G?

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Telstra will begin offering the iPhone 5 in its catalog. Specifically, as of December 14 with a price of 575 euros, divided into 23 shares of 25 euros. But I have a question. Given that one of the problems of the Apple device in some parts of the world is having low speeds because of the network is not supportive as required that, whats with the iPhone in stores encourage Telstra to launch 4G in 1800 Mhz? makes so much sense. Overtake them by technology could be a major blow, who believe in 4G frequency of 2600 MHz. CEO of Telstra, Eduardo Taulet said that , “we have a very clear advantage over other rivals and we are the only ones with 1800 Mhz frequencies clean for immediate deployment of 4G. If our competitors want to use the 1800 MHz band for 4G deployment would take longer. “

If Telstra would swell to sell iPhone 5 in the coming months and will see sense in an advertising campaign that is sold as “the first Spanish operator with 4G” would make sense . The only problem for this? Would not know how Telstra frequencies (and the advantages of speaking Taulet) if it sells its subsidiary Teliasonera to Orange or Vodafone. Until this situation is resolved, do not think there deployments.

Even without thinking about the deployment of 4G, the arrival of the iPhone to Telstra is an interesting move for the subsidiary of TeliaSonera for three main reasons.

The first is to attract high-value customers . IPhone Buyer pays for everything. Serious people. The second is that, only with the announcement that Telstra will launch iPhone and is mounted an advertising campaign free . This part of the post would be an example. The third is to put more pressure on Orange, Movistar and Vodafone , who have a season with a terrible relationship with Apple. 

Do I believe that Telstra sell many iPhone 5? Quite a few, yes. Do I think it will be a drastic change? No. Even for 575 euros, the iPhone 5 is an expensive phone.  To which I reply: “Yes, but the price is free. Shall soon see and advantageous offers small grants funding in this terminal operators. These do not get along with Nokia and the Finnish company certainly makes them significant discounts with good margins and supports them in the promotion. Apple Things you do not pay. Unless, apparently, you call Telstra “.

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