Technology which helps inexperienced drivers: Ford MyKey

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Since the car is a national passion, it is assumed that driving is a necessity. The proof is that increases every year the number of young people who exchange their shopping toys for real cars. However, it is difficult to know exactly how they drive these first miles on it.

Ford MyKey Technology

Ford MyKey Technology

To assist young people to be more responsible driving habits and also reassure parents, the Ford MyKey system available, ideal for when the car is used by young drivers or inexperienced.  system allows you to configure the spare key for a series features such as limiting the maximum speed, audio volume and prevent the disabling of safety equipment such as stability control.

In addition, the system triggers alerts use of seat belts, speed and level of fuel in reserve.  A configurable key MyKey is already present in 6 million cars worldwide.In addition to the Fusion and Edge, the equipment is offered as an option on the New Fiesta in 2014, the first compact car in the country to rely on this type of resource.

Options offered by the system:

  • Alert persistent use of seat belts: mute the audio sound and sounds a warning for the belt is tied. The panel also displays a message: “Buckle the belt to listen to the radio”;
  • The volume of the audio system can be limited to 44% of maximum power;
  • The maximum speed of the car can be limited to 128 km / h, with the trigger audible alerts when it hits the tracks 70, 90 and 100 km / h;
  • The “Do Not Disturb” allows you to block incoming calls on cell phone and text messages when the phone is paired with SYNC connectivity system. The calls are directed to voicemail and text messages stored in memory;
  • Besides the usual warnings when the fuel in the tank reaches the range of 40 to 80 km, the MyKey system allows an extra alert is triggered when the range reaches 120 km.

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