Technology trends for 2014

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The main technologies that companies concentrate their investments next year, some companies specializing in Information Technology, developed a ranking of the top three, they are:

1. Cloud and Big Data: The “cloud computing” and Big Data are part of the main trends of next year. However, the great point is to focus your attention on developing a robust optimization infrastructure security, perfectly able to keep protected and encrypted all the information. The steady growth of the number of data is a natural accelerator of Data Centers , therefore, experts believe that “a key demand of excellence in the creation of solutions, so it will work on research projects both market as patterns of behavior. “
2.  Mobility, usability design services: Increasing the capacity of the network user to connect through multiple devices is having a transformative effect when contextualizing presence “online” and “offline” . In Internet first usability sought after attention on the user experience focused, now looking strong focus on service design, ie, their connection to various products through multiple channels (web, social media, etc.) and mobile devices.
3.  Social technologies, especially for training: Technological developments will be on par with training in business, therefore, simulators, augmented reality platforms that integrate social networks and communities of interest, are the tools that companies seek to implement in processes. Also, systems that allow access to different content platforms transparently to the user, will be part of the best solutions.

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