Technology to improve the visibility of drivers in the rain

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Light reflected from the drops of water is neutralized to prevent road accidents.

Driving at night and rain is more difficult. The pavement becomes slippery and visibility is reduced. The headlights illuminate the road, but also water droplets, which returns a reflection blinding. A major storm can not see anything just a couple of feet away.

A group of researchers has designed a lighting system that deals with this problem and promises to improve visibility when they fall pikes peak.Besides the theoretical design have produced a prototype and have tested in the laboratory. For now only able to improve visibility when thevehicle speed is low . Yet it is a promising start.

Their idea has been to build a system that detects raindrops-or snow-flakes bigger predict its path and interrupts the light rays that would otherwise be reflected in them. The impact driver is that raindrops “disappear” from view, as not reflecting, not sold and increase overall visibility.


This system requires a system of LED lighting , but most cars still ride a single light bulb to their “crossover”. An array of LED bulbs can turn on and off parts of it very fast and convenient, and therefore carry out the proposed algorithm ‘rainproof’. According to the scientists responsible for the work, the first prototype is somewhat clumsy and slow , so expect better results in the next three or four years. So far they are able to prevent 70% of the reflections unwanted about 40 miles per hour. The effectiveness is reduced to less than 50% at 100 km / h.

The researchers ,  recognize that they are still very far from offering this system to trade . Besides three or four years to make it smaller and efficient, then it would take at least that many to reach the public.

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