Technology in times of divorce

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What role does technology play in divorces today? According to a study in the United States, its role is important but can be a double-edged sword, especially when the separated couple have children.

According to the study conducted by researchers from the Universities of Missouri and Kansas, separated and divorced couples are increasingly using email, text messages, social networks and even mobile applications to communicate with his former teammate on childcare.

However, they say, couples who ended their relationship in a conflict come to use technology to prevent their partners have access to children, children being affected first.

So suggest teach couples to maintain adequate communication technology in order to create an environment “healthy” for kids.

Cooperation Tool

New technologies can be an extremely effective tool to share parental responsibilities.

“Technology makes it easier for divorced couples get along, and also makes couples not take,” says Lawrence Ganong, professor of the Research Department of Human Development and Family at the University of Missouri.

Parents who use technology to manipulate or omit information ex-partner can result in the child suffering

Lawrence Ganong, University of Missouri

“Parents who use technology effectively can make the work easier coparental, reducing stress for children. But parents who use technology to manipulate or omit information ex-partner can result in the child suffering” .

To develop the study, Ganong and his team interviewed 49 couples divorced individually and questioned the quality of their relationships with their former partners.

Thus they concluded that, regardless of how this relationship out, almost all divorced parents use technology to keep the boundaries of your home and maintain records of their decisions.

There are even applications like 2Houses , a tool that parents arrange care for their children without having to speak.

With these applications, whenever a parent makes a new entry on appointments of children in medical, school schedules, outings, the other spouse is notified of changes with the option to accept or not.

“I did not get”

Divorce The technology prevents the former partners have to discuss issues face to face, which usually causes a conflict.

However, some parents with relationships “hostile” rather than using technology to organize, they may use it to “manipulate” their exesposos, for example, claiming they did not receive certain emails, the study warns.

At that point, the researchers recommend that they teach couples effective ways to communicate using technology and help children in the transition from having one to two homes, keeping them away from parental conflict.

How to lead a technologically sound ex-partner relationship?

According to Ganong, hostile parents should “let their feelings aside and understand that they need to communicate effectively to protect children’s emotional well-being.”

“Emails are a great way for couples to communicate without making hostile face to face. Vital information can be sent and edit what they say to avoid conflicts. Addition, parents have a record of what has been agreed.”

The study, entitled “Communication Technology and Paternity post-divorce” was published in the journal Family Relations .

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