Technology and social networks push more efficient work

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Technology and social networks push more efficient work


Technology and social networks have enabled new forms of work, as well as more efficient methods in the organizational structures of companies, which have enabled them to become more successful and adapt quickly to change.

According to the firm Regus has now changed what for centuries was the only way to organize a company of any kind: a command and control structure with multiple levels of leadership.

And, according to the study The Kinetic Organisation, the organization “kinetic” successful future will be modular, flexible and able to react quickly to economic and market developments.

Regus said that the traditional model of command and control of the organization is outdated, inflexible, expensive, slow and inefficient to meet the various daily needs, “like a living organism, the kinetic organization adapts and transforms its business environment “.

This model explores how companies can best be organized to succeed and the tool examines the flexibility of the respondent’s organization as its infrastructure, cost basis, structure, leadership, people and culture, information management, environment and focus on risk management.

In this regard, Regus said that the six principles that every company must have to be kinetics are adapted, ie without undergoing change to adapt to new threats and opportunities and to fulfill the promises realistically to customers, stakeholders and individuals.

Companies should also establish flexible costs. “Keep a flexible cost base so that it can inflate and deflate the operations at no extra charge”, and create a safe environment where people are happy to share knowledge and innovate, says Regus.

Companies must also constantly looking for products, services, people skills, skills, processes, infrastructure and costs under analysis to be updated and competitive.

Many of these foundations may be adopted within traditional structures and philosophies that describe the management practices which will undoubtedly improve agility and business performance, refers Regus.


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