Tape mode: YouTube celebrates the 57 years of video recorder

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If you’ve been scouring YouTube in the last few hours, you may have seen a new icon in the control bar, next to the function of “captions”and quality selector. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you: The icon is a cassette video . Celebrating 57 years of the first commercial recording of videotapes , YouTube has decided to give visitors a hint with this new “tape mode” . If for some reason you want to remember the static errors “tracking” and synchronization problems, just click the icon while playing a video.



Although many sites have already reported the introduction of this special mode, the fact associate with standard VHS is technically incorrect (honestly, I’ve seen some very serious mistakes, and even YouTube can not escape them with your ad) . The VHS or “Video Home System” was not so until the early 70’s , when engineers Yuma Shiraishi and Shizuo Takano JVC developed practically in secret. Years later, VHS titanic carry out its Betamax format war … but that’s another story . Actually, what YouTube is celebrating is 57th birthday of the first commercial recording video tape (or “VTR”, not “VCR”) , the AMPEX VRX-1000 , introduced to the market in 1956. This device revolutionized the way of doing television in the mid-’50s, basically breaking the monopoly of the “live shows” and broadcast schedules flexible. Needless to say, the recorder was built like a tank, and was priced at $ 50,000 (about $ 427,000 today) , a cost that was only available to the studios and TV channels.

As for the rest, just simply click on the tape mode icon . When activated, you will see how the image quality loss and distortion appears at the bottom. If you put tape pause mode activated, it introduces some noise and the image loses its vertical stability.Other effects have been reported, but that’s pretty much the general idea. Now, the“tape mode” only seems to extend to the visual. The audio quality remains intact, which detracts a bit of credibility to the whole effect (would have been interesting, for example, demined one audio channel to let the video in “mono”) . Anyway, is a celebration in all creative, and we’re not sure how long it will last, but while you’re there, enjoy it .

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