Take care of your job: The risks of using Internet

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MEXICO CITY-The use of social networks at work is controversial, some consultants say it can be used for the benefit of enterprises. However, in practice it is a very difficult issue between employers and employees, as we are going through a transition of “consumerization” where the technologies they use at home users influence the way people work in companies at a rate so fast that the company policies and the same labor law are exceeded, causing fights and misunderstandings in the employer-employee relationship reaching sanctions, dismissals and demands.

Anonymously interviewed 10 people of different sexes, ages 22-40 years and shared the view that social network in expressing their ideas, feelings and actions, which are, therefore, most think that is a private to share.

“The Facebook for us (employees) is a more personal social network where you share comments with friends and family, is undergoing a ‘persecution’ by the employer, but employees do not have added to his boss, has given the If other office mates will be notified about comments that go against the interests of the company, for example, students in other ways they have changed the source or have had a wake up call for comment on specific political party ” said a person who declined to give his name.

“I once wrote a tweet with a review of some people, my boss saw it, misinterpreted it and I was struck by my comments, even though my network is private. I had to put locks on Facebook and Twitter, I think it was a sound decision because now I know I have people that I love and which I value your opinion, and people who could not retaliate for what I write, “said another of respondents.

Given this, what lines should not be crossed in a social network within or outside working hours? Attorney Jorge Sales Boyoli, Founding Partner of the Firm Sales Boyoli, said in an interview with El Universal that social networks are a public, not private, and can be configured grounds for dismissal under the current labor law by committing acts that threaten against the employer company or even outside working hours.

“We had a case where the employer decided to close Facebook and some other sites of their computing equipment through filters, an employee upset about the change came to Twitter from your cell phone and wrote the name of the pattern with a series of profanity complaining of Indeed, motivated by anger.

“The pattern has its own social network Twitter for business purposes, appeared a mention of the employee, in which case it must punish the insult to the employer,” said the lawyer, adding that there are things that should not be said or do in a public space.

Another interviewee spoke: “One day we were in a company-wide meeting, there was talk of confidential information, such as numbers, customer name, strategies, among other topics, at the same time, an employee wrote on Twitter all that information, all in the company to read their tweets director, who caught his eye and said they are competition sensitive data that could be exploited. ”

Freedom to prohibit

In a company, the employer is free to prohibit the use of social networks, because he is the owner of the instruments of labor, is a cell phone, a laptop or using the office network from which you are accessing the social network, some put filters to certain pages, however, this decision may be impractical in some activities, “such as for an advertising agency, a media, or stockbrokers would be impractical to have pages gasps,” said the lawyer.

There are intermediate solutions as set policies for the use of work tools including devices and new technologies, the Federal Labor law punishes abuse of such tools. You must inform the employee of such policies to be established between the two, because it is the case that some employees do not know if there are usage policies. SMEs should also investigate and create a set of simple rules, in writing, about the use of devices and social networks should have identified the equipment assigned to employees, from serial number, IP address and track linking him the worker.

“Companies should be aware that the technology is there as a tool, today companies coexist in three different generations of people who use it differently, the Baby Boomer generation is not familiar with it and finds it hard to understand, the Generation X are the people who touched the technological transition, and Gen Y, who dominate the technology and need to use it.

On the other hand, advised that the decision to hire a person for their behavior in social networks should not influence it because there are social networks for professionals specialized in disseminating the work of a person, such as LinkedIn or Viadeo.

Specialists and social network users must agree to use common sense to express some comments offensive in a space that is open to almost anyone, establish certain locks on private information; create special groups of family, friends and work to avoid mixing information. Be aware that the Internet is a public space and to be respected ideas.


If you are an employee, put safety locks on your social network to keep out anyone to see your comment.

Create groups, one for family, one for friends and one just for your coworkers.

Do not write or publish negative or phrases offenses against persons, religions or political parties.

Even if you do not post negative things padlocks against anyone.


We had a case where the employer decided to close Facebook, a disgruntled employee came to Twitter from your cell phone and wrote the name of the pattern with a series of expletives. ”


The pattern is free to prohibit the use of social networks, because he is the owner of the instruments of labor, is a cell phone or office network. ”
Jorge Sales, attorney.

Increase purchases

The Universal

MEXICO CITY-More and more people are discovering the benefits of shopping online. According to Amipci (Mexican Internet Association), in 2011, online sales grew 28% compared to 2010 and interestingly, 80% of Internet users have purchased a product or service on the network.

Internet is a more, and like any other channel in which transactions are made must take certain precautions. This does not mean it is dangerous, neither is a mall and there is a risk that your card cloned, but the key is to recognize and avoid situations that could jeopardize your purchase.

Some of these situations are fake emails requesting confidential information, the offer of nonexistent objects or below market prices and expose or make known to a third party your passwords. The first situation, it is necessary to clarify that e-commerce sites with greater experience and recognition, not request this kind of information by email.

Security in e-commerce is in safe browsing habits, most security conflicts arise from any user’s carelessness. For example, leave their keys in the light, share your banking information or other sensitive information via email, or use easy to guess passwords.

To have a safe and successful purchase online is important to follow simple actions.

The first is to buy in familiar places and check the reputation of each site or seller. So how in the world would avoid visiting traditional shops that will generate distrust, when shopping online, you should also confirm that it is a reliable site, AMIPCI trust seals or security certificates like VeriSign and TRUSTe are an excellent indicator to know that it is a secure site. Another simple tip is to remember that when something is too good to be true, it probably is not, you will not become a millionaire by sending your details via email to whom you requested.

Use your common sense before making a purchase decision, be sure that it really is a successful operation, so ask all your questions until you are satisfied.

Finally, check the terms and conditions of each site as well as the different payment options and buyer protection programs that each company. Most users have no problems when buying online, and following these guidelines will have a completely rewarding experience.

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