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 BlackBerry aims to be the third way , the most widely used platform behind the dominant tandem formed by the iPhone and Android smartphones.

So BlackBerry 10 , when available, will compete with Microsoft’s Windows Phone more than with any other. Windows Phone also has to settle for third place fight that, in the best case, and BlackBerry hopes to recover some of the developers and users lost in recent years, especially Android.

The latest figures, by the way, and according to RIM, show a small growth of the BlackBerry platform, which has added two million new users, reaching 80 million.

BlackBerry 10, a mixture of iOS and Windows Phone

The new operating system still in development works quite well , quickly and smoothly. And that both the software and the hardware (the device that works) versions are still under development.

BlackBerry 10 could be considered a mixture of the two best mobile operating systems: iOS, used in the iPhone, and Windows Phone, Microsoft. Input adds nothing that can not be found on other mobile platforms, but has interesting things. Or rather, many of those same things make them so attractive.

In BlackBerry 10, at least in the full-touch device that I was able to test most of the functions are performed by on-screen gestures, without the intervention of physical buttons. Even unlocking the phone does not require a button press is made by sliding your finger from the bottom of this and upward. Before you unlock and shows an “advance” of notifications (email, calls, messages, …) and other warnings, such as appointments and calendar entries.

Blocking is performed in the reverse direction, by pushing the top downwards.Depending on the context, because BlackBerry 10 is very contexts: the same or similar gestures can activate different functions depending on what you are doing with the phone, or as what applications are being used, which leads the adjective “smart phone” a bit more beyond what is usual.

In the main screen you can see thumbnails of all applications running, up to eight of them, each running at the same time as the others. These are not widgets or the “active boxes” of Windows Phone, but entire applications running as thumbnails: a video would continue playing while the browser loads a web page. In that view applications can be closed by clicking the X or are closing as open other beyond those eight.

A sophisticated notification center

I liked how it is resolved the view notifications . By a gesture on the screen, similar to the movement of hand that would with a deck of cards to see the letter below it, is a condensed version by icons with the new notifications. Thus you can see at a glance what’s new, but without leaving the application you’re using, it continues to run, if a video, for example. The phone also indicates notifies the usual light of BlackBerry.

And if the same gesture continues further sliding finger access Hub, complete notifications center. From there you can see it full, clear and organized all the events, news, events and recent notifications, with direct access to the corresponding applications: email, calendar, Twitter, calls, messages …

You can also filter notifications or create mailboxes with the criteria to be wanting, to contain different types of ads. For example for functions from the phone (messages, voice mail, call), or social networking applications and professional services environment or groups of contacts, among many other options.

Two environments in one

BlackBerry 10 certainly allows complete control between professional and personal environment , may have different applications or permissions settings on each other. The change is made directly from the home screen, quickly and transparently.

Setting either one another and are able to share resources and documents, although independent. For example, an administrator can access remote administration work environment, and even be turned off, putting an extreme example-without the personal environment is affected.

Also from the professional environment you can have access to an application store “private” from to download and install software provided by the company and therefore do not pose a cost to the user, and in the personal environment where the BlackBerry AppWorld same user can freely buy any type of content and applications.

Another detail is that the contact information you add all the information of that person available in online services and social networks, where the candy you contact. Thus, from the address book you can see, in addition to the usual contact details and their latest social networking updates, your resume on LinkedIn or the latest news about the company he works for, information that can be very have updated helpful before starting a meeting.

A touch pad that knows and learns

The operation of the touch pad seemed very good. Solve well as incorporating aspects suggested words to the text, which also vary according to the context and the language in which you write. Also recognized are being used in the text words or phrases in different languages at once.

The dictionary also adapts context, semantics and language, and keyboard “learns” the way the user presses the keys (for example, if you tend to press a key part of the “U” and some of the key “I” when you really want to put a “U”) to improve the accuracy of the pulse even if the user does not have very good aim .

Available in 2013

BlackBerry 10 will be available sometime in the first quarter of next year , 2013, a new range of phones, touch screen initially and subsequently added with conventional keyboard devices.

Also hit PlayBook tablets brand, although there are indications that marketing the current PlayBook would be close to an end . 
tested device is a prototype development (Dev Alpha B), the same as BlackBerry has delivered about 5,000 programmers coinciding with the celebration of the BlackBerry Jam Americas conference so they can start working on application development for BB 10, both new and from the BlackBerry OS operating systems (current and will not be compatible with future BlackBerry 10) and Android.

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