Tablets, TVs and phones are ‘stretched’ at CES

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Starts in Las Vegas the largest consumer electronics fair, and some products have gained size in it. Lenovo has introduced a 29-inch tablet for multiple users to use while a TV LG 84 inch Ultra HD and several mobile manufacturers unveil smartphones of 5 inches, clearly struggling with the tablets. According to GFK, spending on technology products in 2013 will reach $ 1.1 trillion, up 4% on 2012.

Larger TVs, smartphones and larger tablets more inches.Everything (or almost everything) is stretched in the 2013 edition of CES, the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world by the IFA in Berlin, which will keep its doors open from today until January 11.

LG, for example, showed hours before the opening ceremony of a TV LED ultra high resolution of 84 inches, with an equally hefty price, $ 19,999. The South Korean company also plans to introduce at the show a new smartphone , the G2 Optimus, to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which will have a generous display of his kind: 5.5 inches.

Lenovo also surprised with its first tablet for the home environment, IdeaCentre Horizon, which features a 27-inch widescreen. The Chinese giant, which also made other demonstrations tablet even higher (39 inches, although still in prototype stage), has bet on this year’s CES a touch device that can be placed flat on any surface and allow two or more users use the screen at once.

The multi-user computer, which will be available in early summer at a price of 1,699 euros approximately, can be used as desktop (Windows 8 carries) and a center for entertainment, for incorporating a set of accessories among which four joysticks a given address and a driver to provide a new game experience that combines the digital and physical.

In addition, the IdeaCentre Horizon includes access to Lenovo App Shop, an online store supported by Intel AppUp where users have at their disposal more than 5,000 multi-user applications, and comes preinstalled an exclusive package of games developed by Electronic Arts, FableVision, Open Labs, Ubisoft, TV and Film BlueStacks.

The blurred boundaries between devices

Both the new LG mobile as the new Lenovo tablet are right to GFK consulting experts, in a report presented last Sunday Electronis Consumer Association (CEA), the organizer of the fair, said that in the coming years the line between smartphone , tablet and laptop will blur to the point that it will be “difficult” to locate the new devices into clear categories.

Ultra high resolution

This trend will see these days in Las Vegas, which is expected to have a wide variety of hybrid laptops with removable screens and can function as tablets and smartphones that try to eat ground to tablets to enlarge their screens. An example would be the new Sony Xperia Z, the Japanese giant display at CES.

The TV 84 inch LG also suggests that appears will be another big bet for this year’s CES: TVs Ultra HDTV flat screens over 60 inches, which will offer a definition four times higher than current HD television, according Efe reported.

Connectivity between devices

To Shawn DuBravac, CEA research director, the company is entering a “second digital era” marked by the connectivity between devices. And it must be so, because companies like Samsung will stop seeing these days some of your appliances more intelligent . The company, which plans to raise its annual revenue appliances division of 12,000 million in 2012 to 18,000 million in 2015, displayed a washing machine that connects to a TV to allow the user to monitor the wash cycle, and a refrigerator with a LCD screen that can connect to the internet to find recipes or make the shopping list.

Besides other brands like Sony Samsung will show the convergence of products and as from asmartphone or tablet can record a TV program or schedule a washing machine. Younghoon Eom, vice president of sales and marketing at Samsung, explained to Bloomberg that “today’s refrigerators have the same fundamental technology for refrigerators of 100 years ago, and the same goes for washing machines and air conditioners.” But this will change, said: “Between 10% and 20% of our smart appliances will be 2015.”

Smarter Cars

They will also be more intelligent cars. The meet important automotive innovations at CES: new applications for collision avoidance systems, drowsiness detection applications, text to speech conversion or parking aid, among others. Among the major manufacturers, Toyota presented the prototype Lexus LS, which can drive alone and communicate with other vehicles.

The company, which follows in the footsteps of Volvo and Google, the vehicle has been equipped with video cameras and radar to monitor the road and the environment so as to prevent accidents. Audi, meanwhile, will also present at CES a car that autoaparca. And Ford will offer the Rhapsody online music service in more than one million vehicles from Ford and Lincoln brands. Service users can use voice commands and buttons on their steering wheels positioned to control the functions of their smartphones .Forecasts from CEA, sales of technology for vehicles will rise by 11.3% in 2013, up to 8,700 million dollars.

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