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A few weeks ago, I talked about a new service powered by BitTorrent . The owner of this file sharing system announced in late January that he was working on BitTorrent Sync , a new system that would allow users to share files and folders from different computers. 



Thanks to the usual protocol P2P (Peer-to-Peer) , BitTorrent wanted to get the user’s files may be almost automatically on the computer of your contacts, but also on all computers that handles daily: laptop, the tablet or mobile phone that travels with him everywhere. Well, the draft BitTorrent just entered the so-called alpha phase . This means that it is still in testing period , but the  software or the program is ready to be tested. To start enjoying this free service you will have to connect to BitTorrent Labs , the lab bench where BitTorrent exposes all projects that are in progress.

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The objective of BitTorrent Sync is to join fashion cloud storage and compete with such popular services like Dropbox or Google Drive . This new tool, however, differs from these platforms for their operation.And is that BitTorrent uses transfer through P2P protocols to synchronize content between devices in a much more rapid than would be usual. But there is more. Users of this platform can share folders with friends, colleagues or clients, as long as they share the password for each of these content repositories.When done with the key, the head of the folder may give different permissions to the recipient so you can access the folder and so read or view the contents, modify or have limited access for 24 hours . It is ultimately to establish various protocols read-only or read-write, as we see fit in each case or time.

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To download and start using the service, follow these steps:

1) Go to the section BitTorrent Labs within the service page. Click on the button Download (marked in red) to download the program. Next, select your operating system, Windows or Mac .

2) Once you have downloaded the file, follow the normal installation process . In a few minutes you will have the program on your computer and you can share your files between devices and computers directly.

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You know, in any case, the information that is shared between devices or users so transferred encrypted, so that the data will be fully protected. Simply upload a file and get the code that will allow users to enjoy the folders or files you want to share with them . If you want to test the tool, simply to direct you to page through the link you have proposed. Have available BitTorrent Sync for Windows , Linux and Mac OS .Bear in mind, though, that the system still has some bugs, since it is not the final version.

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