Symbian: 5 tips to make your phone faster

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With the advent of Android, iOS and Windows Phone mainly, Symbian – Nokia’s mobile OS – is increasingly obsolete. However, you can still find some of the Finnish brand smartphones on the market. So the unsuspecting fans or system they buy these devices usually face some problems such as slowness of devices.

This problem, although not happen with all models, is recurrent in Nokia smartphones, which now is adopting Windows Phone handsets at its best. This definitely solved the problem with the devices of the company, but who still has a Symbian can also do some tricks and get rid of the sluggishness.

One. Free up space on the internal memory

First of all, you should make sure that your Symbian smartphone is not bogged down with files saved in the internal memory. This may happen when you install many applications or when some function of the device, as the camera is not saving documents on the memory card.

Therefore, get rid of apps you do not use and try to look richer tools like Gravity . This unique app for the OS of Nokia is able to access Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, preventing you install an app for each of these social networks.

Symbian: 5 tips to make your phone faster

To complete, access the camera functions and audio recorders, for example, and make sure that files created on the phone are not being saved in the internal memory. Otherwise, if your SD card has a very modest ability, you can use file synchronization services in the cloud. Thus, your photos, music and other documents not clog the machine.

Some options are Grooveshark , which lets you listen to music online, and SugarSync , which offers 5GB of free cloud space for anyone who installs the app’s official service on your Symbian.


2nd. Navigation cheaper and faster

There is no secret that Opera Mini is the fastest web browser available for the Nokia platform – and perhaps others as well. So if you still use the default browser for Symbian using the internet, do not hesitate and install Opera Mini on your device .

This alternative browser, and faster, saves your data plan. That’s because all addresses that you access through the tool goes through a compression Opera’s servers quickly and reaches you well less heavy. Thus, the lower your smartphone less content, less the deductible using data from your carrier.

Symbian: 5 tips to make your phone faster

3rd. Keep updated Symbian

Another easy way to improve the performance of smartphones is to always have the most current version of the operating system. To find out which firmware is currently installed, connect your device to the internet via Wi-Fi or via the USB cable into a computer and enter the following code:

* # 0000 # *

Shortly thereafter a screen called “Device Updates” or “Device updates” should be shown. Now, select “Options” and then “Check for Updates”. If any exist, install it without any fear. This will hardly be time consuming and should not cause any damage to the appliance or your documents.

Note: some devices may have the text of the options a bit different than described above. However, the idea behind of it is always the same.

4th. Leave the default email client Symbian

Just as the browser’s default OS, email client rarely satisfies some user. Besides he is basically an adaptation of the app SMS to email – if not exactly the same – in sync with your account is slow and misses. Therefore, use the Email for Nokia to replace him. Although not a tool as good as those in other platforms, you can chafe less with this app. However, there are also other options in the Nokia store apps. 

Symbian: 5 tips to make your phone faster

5th. Type faster

The revolution of keyboards touch is also available for Symbian. Even if you can not drag your fingers from the keyboard to type, the other features of Swype keyboard far outweigh the simpleton OS from Nokia.

Note: a way to relieve momentary slowness is closing open applications that are in the background. If you do not usually do this, try to find out how procedimetno is done on your device and let it “lighter”. However, normally, Symbian smartphones can access the apps in the background while you keep it pressed home . Then, just close everything that is not in use.


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