Symantec Launches Cloud-sharing service Norton Zone

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Symantec has Norton zone with a cloud-based file sharing service in beta testing started It is designed to enable users to synchronize safely photos, videos and documents as well as to show others. Access is with Windows PC or Mac as well as iOS and Android possible.


As the cloud storage market has now stabilized and in any case all the players offer multi-platform support, Symantec focuses on the issue of security as a selling point. Sun Norton zone get “high-grade encryption in-suited for industrial quality”. A technical specification to it.

The images and videos can Betatester Norton Zone onFacebook post. Symantec says but also that it is possible to delete links at any time. In addition, the user can control how long and how many times a file will be retrieved via link.

All data is periodically replicated in the cloud in order to avoid data loss. Important files can be backed up also so that even a data center ereilende natural disaster does not result in a loss of data for the user.

The beta is free, but is only available in English. During the next year, a full-service offering launch internationally – then probably commercially.

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