Symantec antivirus Update makes PCs inoperable.

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A bug in an update of the software from Symantec Corp. ‘s antivirus caused the crash some PCs withWindows this week, making the machine inoperable until repaired in an embarrassing episode that left some customers angry.

The company revealed the problem on its website, saying that an upgrade of Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 and Norton Antivirus for commercial purposes caused the crash repeated PC operating system Windows XP, Microsoft, showing what is commonly known as the ‘screen blue death ‘.

The embarrassment comes at a difficult time for Symantec, whose shares have lost about a quarter of its value from the time the company announced an imminent fall in profits for three months.

The company knows that so far 300 corporate customers were affected, and about 60 individual clients.

Customers stated that Symantec took hours to identify and fix the bug, and they needed to fix the computers on their own.

Symantec blamed the compatibility standards for the failure of the software that came after issuing a program update on Wednesday. PCs can be repaired if the clients manually remove the software from computers, the company said in a statement.

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