SUSE Linux will rule the most powerful supercomputer in Europe

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With a capacity of 3 petaflops of processing power, 147,456 processors and 324 terabytes of memory,the SuperMUC is regarded as the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the fourth most powerful in the world . Created by IBM, and has been operating in the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ), which celebrates its 50th anniversary.

One of the curiosities of SuperMUC is its cooling system, modeled on the human circulatory system , in achieving a reduction in energy consumption important. In fact, it is designed to use energy saving in heating the campus of LRZ. And the beast ruling is SUSE Linux, the Linux system “common” occupies most supercomputers .

In the words of  head of the LRZ: ” Since 1998 we have used SUSE for our field of high performance computing at the LRZ. At that time, it was important to us that SUSE provide us with technical features that were not on other Linux distributions . ”

” But also important was the geographical proximity, direct connection to development teams and product management for SUSE and quick support response time. This is still a great benefit to us and that is why all our high-performance computers and most systems running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server , “says the scientist.

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