Surface tablets do not succeed

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hey thought sell three million, but only sold one million and a half. The cracking of Microsoft Surface tablets with its first new operating systems and have not engaged the public, according to several analysts. Sales are expected half.

Surface Tablet

Surface Tablet

Since it was launched in late October, Microsoft has sold one million tablets Surface with RT version and 400,000 more than the Pro version (released last month), according to Bloomberg collecting. Microsoft is not commenting figures, although predicted RT Surface three million, while the analyst of UBS AG Brent Hill screened at the quarter-final of the year two million sales. Neither assumptions are met. At that time, Apple sold nearly 23 million iPads.

Surface was Microsoft’s first attempt to enter the world of tablets, an area which last year sold 128 million units and that this will be about 190 million, according to IDC.

The Surface output was accompanied by two operating systems, creating confusion among consumers, but also with suppliers and vendors. For one thing Windows 8 for PCs and tablets from other manufacturers, and the RT version for Surface.

The entry into the tablet market is critical for Microsoft, as it grows at rates above 50% while the computers, which clearly dominates, sales in 2012 fell for the first time in a decade, a fact that will be repeated year, as advertised and HP and chipmaker Texas Instruments.

According to BMO Capital, laptop sales have fallen 18% this quarter compared to the previous, although it should be noted that December is the strongest of the year, but the historical average decline in this period is usually around 9% .

Another analyst firm, Brendan Barnicle , said that quarterly sales Surface not pass the 600,000 units when the prediction was 1.4 million.Eventually, IDC forecasts are more optimistic Surface, estimates that in 2017 it will reach only 3% of the total.

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