Surface Pro attempts to merge the best of PC and Tablet

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Took to get to the world of tablets, really say there were long, but Surface Pro is a brilliant response to the iPad and far superior to most Android devices. Agree that the price is also high. Surface Pro costs 879 euros in 64-gigabyte version and 979 in the case of 128 gigabytes.

Surface Pro

Surface Pro

Microsoft insists that it is a device to create, to work. True, but also thought daily life with reinforcements from drops, scratches … Although ostensibly a tablet can not be treated as such, their field is much broader and can be considered as a substitute for the laptop, both for power and for programs.

Unlike what happens with iPad and Android, in this case the programs, but adapted to a touch screen, and the file system function more like a traditional computer. This makes for a very interesting option for workers who have to handle video files, spreadsheets or photo editing. The latter shines especially using the stylus manufactured by Wacom.

It is slightly heavier than usual, 907 grams, but is justified by its generous 10.6-inch screen and Intel Core i5 processor, similar to laptops and four gigs of RAM. In fact, it is similar to that used by Google’s recent Chromepixel computers, touch screen laptops, but still very limited. Seen this way, the price and Surface characteristics seem even more interesting compared to just over a thousand dollars Google model.

Among the strengths is the inclusion of a USB 3.0 port that gives it great versatility. Can be reached from a hard disk to a printer, a camera or even the command of the Xbox.

The rear camera shoots video in high definition, the front is designed for videoconferencing. In fact, Skype is already installed. The potential storage problems are alleviated with MicroSD card slot.

They have reached the last but they have an eye for detail. This is reflected in the two-founded keyboards offered in various colors, simple but very comfortable and fine.

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