Supergalaxia cosmic breaks records

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Scientists have detected a supergalaxia who is giving birth to more stars in one day than our Milky Way in a year.

Astronomers used the Chandra X-ray telescope of NASA to detect this vast and distant galaxy that creates 740 new stars annually.

By comparison, the Milky Way star produces annually.The supergalaxia is about 5 000 700 million light years away in the center of a newly discovered cluster of galaxies that produce the most dazzling X-rays have been detected.

It is by far the most massive star production proven in this type of massive galaxies in the center of clusters, but other galaxies, such as colliding, they can produce even more stars, the astronomers said.

However, this is a type of galaxies, by size and age, which theoretically should not produce stars so fast, say the authors of a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature . “It’s extreme,” said astronomer Ryan Foley, of Harvard University and coauthor of the study.

“It extends the limits of our understanding.” This galaxy has another unusual characteristic. It is quite mature , perhaps 6 billion years.

It usually is of a type of galaxies “that are rather static and do nothing new that we call red and dead,” said study lead author Michael McDonald, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


“It seems to have returned to life for a reason.” Due to this situation, the team of 85 astronomers have dubbed the galactic cluster Phoenix, the bird rising from its ashes.The galaxy producing stars at a rate of two per day is in the cluster center and is the largest and most prominent of many of the galaxies it contains.

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