Supercomputers: Cray is targeting 100 petaflops

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Cray has the XC30 – code-named “Cascade” – presented a new supercomputer, according to the company which could supply up to 100 petaflops performance. He would the current record holder, Titan of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory – replace with 20 petaflops – also from Cray.

One of the first six XC30 goes to Germany, namely to the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS), which belongs to the University of the Baden-Württemberg state capital. The other five are the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre in Lugano, the Pawsey Centre in Perth, Australia, the Finnish IT Center for Science, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center in Berkeley, USA, and the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto ordered.

The XC30 uses processors from Intel , namely the series Xeon ES-2600. Cray had originally developed itself processors for its supercomputer and later experimented with AMD chips, as they are in titanium are used sets, but now heavily on Intel as a partner. The XC30 includes such a Tesla graphics processing units (GPUs) from Nvidia. Instead their future GPUs are the type Xeon Phi can be used with which Intel hopes to break Nvidia’s dominance in the supercomputer field.


When connecting the chip Cray development “Aries” is used, which is now Intel has bought , but above its exclusive right Cray currently still available. The topology “Dragonfly” enables a parallel and flexible use of the processors. Cray also points to its new cooling system, which led the air diagonally through the system. The processors are more efficient than their predecessors.

A testimonial cited the supercomputer maker Michael Resch, director of HLRS labs, so his Stuttgart customers: “The Cray XC30 is for our researchers and scientists to be an equally valuable supercomputing resource as for our industry partners from the automotive and aerospace “. Stuttgart’s laboratory had already ordered 2010 and was thus the first Cray customer XC30. According to Resch worked together for years.

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