Supercomputer processors nVidia Tesla set a record efficiency

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nVidia reported that on Wednesday in a leading supercomputing center in Italy Cineca started the most energy-efficient computer system in the world – a system Eurora, created by the company Eurotech.


Complex Eurora showed solid performance record in 3150 megaflops per watt, which is 26% higher than the leader latest rating of the most energy-efficient supercomputers Green500The list is headed by Appro GreenBlade GB824M system with the result of about 2500 megaflops per watt. noted that energy efficiency Eurora achieved through the use of high-performance and cost-128 accelerator
nVidia Tesla K20Eurora uses an innovative liquid cooling Aurora Hot Water Cooling, in which the electronic and electrical components are cooled by hot water. This approach is said to reduce energy consumption of data centers (DCs) to 50%, and the total cost of ownership – by 30-50%. In addition, the use of technology Aurora Hot Water Cooling reduces or completely eliminates the need for expensive air conditioning in the data center. The heat generated by the system can be directed to the heating of buildings, food refrigeration or air conditioning at the same time the production of power, heat and cooling. Eurora supercomputer access is open to all members of the Partnership on Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) And for the major Italian research institute.

Eurora supercomputer based Tesla.

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