Suction tubes could take New York to London in one hour

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Since the company adopted the plane, the world has been waiting for the next major form of transport. The monorail was a failure. The TGV is struggling to be accepted. But could a system of vacuum tubes, not unlike those seen in the animated series Futurama, be the next big success in the global transportation? To find out, a column on the BBC recently investigated “technology Vactrain “ (by the English neologism: vaccum train), discovering promising many things and many obstacles.

Called “Space Travel on Earth”, the new technology combines the idea of maglev – trains are suspended with magnets – with the suction pipe. By removing air resistance and friction of the equation, the new vactrains could reach speeds of 4,000 miles per hour. You could travel from New York to Los Angeles in just 45 minutes. With those speeds, you could reach your destination at a time before you left.

The vactrains change to large vehicles and frequented by a more intimate and similar to a car.According to Daryl Oster, owner of ET3 , a technology company that licenses vactrain , one capsule of 51 inches in diameter and 16 feet long could accommodate six people. Also, other sizes of capsules could be an option.

Picture of a cápusla of vactrain - Youtube

The unusual travel technology has been successful in a test environment, but has yet to make way for the real world. The biggest obstacle for this technology is cost. A local system of 350 mph costs $ 2 million per mile for installation. But once installed, the operating cost would be minimal – as Oster, the cost of travel would be one cent per mile.

Here are the video of The Daily Conversation debate on the subject.

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